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Forum Essays

Forum essays provide a framework for intellectual exchange and debate about the role of diplomacy around a particular theme. The essays are argumentative contributions and are shorter than research articles.

"City Diplomacy: An Introduction to the Forum".   By Sohaela Amiri in Vol. 17, I.
"Strengthening Foreign Policy through Subnational Diplomacy".   By Max Bouchet in Vol. 17, I.
"Unpacking Joint Attributions of Cities and Nation States as Actors in Global Affairs".   By Alexander Buhmann in Vol. 17, I.
"Understanding the Context for Successful City Diplomacy: Attracting International Organisations".   By Rosa Groen in Vol. 17, I.
"Diasporas as Actors in Urban Diplomacy".   By Antonio Alejo in Vol. 17, I.
"A Governance System that Supports City Diplomacy: The European Perspective".   By Peter Kurz in Vol. 17, I.
"Engaging Home in International Diplomacy: Introduction".   By HwaJung Kim and Jan Melissen in Vol. 17, IV.
"Recasting the Role of Citizens in Diplomacy and Foreign Policy: Preliminary Insights and a New Research Agenda".   By Anna Geis, Christian Opitz, and Hanna Pfeifer in Vol. 17, IV.
"Summit Diplomacy as Theatre of Sovereignty Contestation".   By Minseon Ku in Vol. 17, IV.
"The Disintegration of State-Society Relations and Its Moderating Effects on Japanese Diplomacy towards China".   By Yun Zhang in Vol. 17, IV.
"Citizen or City Diplomacy? Diplomatic Co-Production and the Middle Ground in Municipal Twinning Relationships".   By Scott Michael Harrison and Quinton Huang in Vol. 17, IV.
"Who Represents the Domestic Voice? Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Citizen Diplomacy".   By Anna Popkova and Jodi Hope Michaels in Vol. 17, IV.
"Grassroots Student Diplomacy: The Junior Diplomat Initiative (JDI) in Prague, Geneva, Paris and Tbilisi".   By Štěpánka Zemanová in Vol. 17, IV.
"On Social Diplomacy".   By Alisher Faizullaev in Vol. 17, IV.
"Diplomatic Gifts: An Introduction to the Forum".   By Jorg Kustermans in Vol. 16, I.
"Purposes, Politicisation and Pitfalls of Diplomatic Gift-giving to the United Nations".   By Loraine Sievers in Vol. 16, I.
"Around the Broken Chair: Locationality, Visuality and the Vibrancy of Diplomatic Objects".   By Costas M. Constantinou in Vol. 16, I.
"Ceremonial or Convivial Gifts: Two Forms of Gift-Giving in Contemporary Chinese Diplomacy".   By Eline Ceulemans in Vol. 16, I.
"A Gift for a President".   By Paul Brummell in Vol. 16, I.
"Gift-giving in Byzantine Diplomacy".   By Jorg Kustermans in Vol. 16, I.
"British Material Diplomacy in Precolonial Uganda: The Gift Exchanges of John Hanning Speke, 1860-1863".   By Alison Bennett in Vol. 16, I.
"Diplomacy's Paradox in the Law of State Awards".   By Andreas Nishikawa-Pacher in Vol. 16, I.
"Diplomatic Gifts as Ordering Devices".   By Iver B. Neumann in Vol. 16, I.
"Chinese Storytelling in the Xi Jinping Era".   By Kerry Brown in Vol. 16, II-III.
"China's Efforts to Shape and Improve Its International Discursive Power: Diplomatic Practice".   By Jisheng Sun in Vol. 16, II-III.
"A Bumpy Ride: China's Search to Be a Responsible Power".   By Qingguo Jia in Vol. 16, II-III.
"Diplomacy with Chinese Characteristics".   By Qingmin Zhang in Vol. 16, II-III.
"Diplomatic Doctrine and Style with Chinese Characteristics".   By Chas W. Freeman Jr. in Vol. 16, II-III.
"Distributed Agency: Foreign Policy sans MFA".   By Jason Dittmer in Vol. 15, I-II.
"Diplomacy as Relational Practice".   By Yaqing Qin in Vol. 15, I-II.
"The Site of Foreign Policy: A Field Theory Account of MFAs".   By Thierry Balzacq in Vol. 15, I-II.
"Diplomacy in the Digital Age: Lessons from Denmark's TechPlomacy Initiative".   By Casper Klynge, Mikael Ekman and Nikolaj Juncher Waedegaard in Vol. 15, I-II.
"Journeying into the Diplomatic Unknown: The Vergesellschaftung of the German Auswärtiges Amt".   By Emilie Bartonek in Vol. 15, I-II.
"Introduction to the Forum on Science Diplomacy".   By Pierre-Bruno Ruffini in Vol. 15, III.
"The Sensationalist Discourse of Science Diplomacy: A Critical Reflection".   By Tim Flink in Vol. 15, III.
"Collaboration and Competition: The Twofold Logic of Science Diplomacy".   By Pierre-Bruno Ruffini in Vol. 15, III.
"Innovation Diplomacy: A New Concept for Ancient Practices?".   By Pascal Griset in Vol. 15, III.
"Science Diplomacy and Soviet-American Academic and Technical Exchanges".   By Olga Krasnyak in Vol. 15, III.
"What Is a Science Diplomat?".   By Lorenzo Melchor in Vol. 15, III.
"Preparing Scientists for Science Diplomacy Requires New Science Policy Bridges".   By Meredith L. Gore, Elizabeth S. Nichols and Karen R. Lips in Vol. 15, III.
"Science Diplomacy and Its Engine of Informed Decisionmaking: Operating through Our Global Pandemic with Humanity".   By Paul Arthur Berkman in Vol. 15, III.
"Introduction to the Forum on COVID-19".   By Juan Luis Manfredi Sánchez in Vol. 15, IV.
"The Future of the World Health Organization: China and the United States Square Off".   By Donald Lien and Joseph Kortsch in Vol. 15, IV.
"Antarctic Diplomacy in a Time of Pandemic".   By Klaus Dodds and Alan D. Hemmings in Vol. 15, IV.
"From Germs Control to Arms Control: Security Negotiations in the Era of Coronavirus".   By Andrey Baklitskiy and Oleg Shakirov in Vol. 15, IV.
"A New Paradigm for EU Diplomacy? EU Council Negotiations in a Time of Physical Restrictions".   By Heidi Maurer and Nicholas Wright in Vol. 15, IV.
"Tackling COVID-19 Disinformation: Internal and External Challenges for the European Union".   By Sophie L. Vériter, Corneliu Bjola and Joachim Koops in Vol. 15, IV.
"All That's Lost: The Hollowing of Summit Diplomacy in a Socially Distanced World".   By Tristen Naylor in Vol. 15, IV.
"Multilateralism Restored? City Diplomacy in the COVID-19 Era".   By Anthony F. Pipa and Max Bouchet in Vol. 15, IV.
"Small State Diplomacy after the Corona Crisis".   By Revecca Pedi and Anders Wivel in Vol. 15, IV.
"How Influential Are International NGOs in the Public Arena?".   By José María Vera and José María Herranz de la Casa in Vol. 15, IV.
"COVID-19 and Gender: A Necessary Connection in Diplomatic Studies".   By Ann E. Towns, Katarzyna Jezierska, Anne-Kathrin Kreft and Birgitta Niklasson in Vol. 15, IV.
"Still Head Waiters Who Are Occasionally Allowed to Sit? Heads of Mission after COVID-19".   By Jorge Heine in Vol. 15, IV.
"Combating Euro-Centrism in Diplomatic Studies".   By Iver B. Neumann in Vol. 14, III.
"Western Assumptions in Non-Western Public Diplomacies: Individualism and Estrangement".   By R.S. Zaharna in Vol. 14, III.
"Diplomatic Challenges in a Crisis World".   By Corneliu Bjola and Costas M. Constantinou in Vol. 10, I.
"Diplomatic Leadership in Times of International Crisis: The Maverick, the Congregator and the Pragmatist".   By Corneliu Bjola in Vol. 10, I.
"King Diplomacy for Perpetual Crisis".   By Piki Ish-Shalom in Vol. 10, I.
"Fight-or-Flight or Tend-and-Befriend? Stress and the Political Psychology of Crisis Diplomacy".   By Marcus Holmes in Vol. 10, I.
"Just Greasing the Wheels? Mediating Difference or the Evasion of Power and Responsibility in Diplomacy".   By Rebecca Adler-Nissen in Vol. 10, I.
"In Pursuit of Crisis Diplomacy".   By Costas M. Constantinou in Vol. 10, I.
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