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Practitioners' Perspectives

Many of the journal's issues contain short contributions from practitioners of diplomacy. These practitioners' essays offer unique insights into the world of diplomacy and they serve as a source of inspiration for researchers.


"Co-evolution of Diplomacy after the Corona Crisis: An Agenda for Practitioners".   By Dalya Salinas Pérez, Ulises Canchola Gutiérrez and José-Juan López-Portillo in Vol. 15, IV.
"The Case for 'Human Diplomacy'".   By Javier Solana in Vol. 15, IV.


"A Competitive Race among Friends: The Campaign of the Kingdom of the Netherlands for a Seat on the UN Security Council".   By Bahia Tahzib-Lie and Jan Reinder Rosing in Vol. 14, IV.
"How the 'Post-Truth' Phenomenon Harms Political Dialogue between States".   By Damien Arnaud in Vol. 14, IV.


"A Consular Code to Supplement the VCCR".   By William Crosbie in Vol. 13, II.


"Negotiating in the UN General Assembly: The European Union and the Other Major Groups".   By Ioannis Vrailas in Vol. 12, II-III.


"Challenges for Parliamentary Diplomacy in South and South-East Asia and Europe: A Practitioner’s Perspective".   By Xavier Nuttin in Vol. 11, II-III.
"Reflections on the Role of Non-state Actors in Canada–Asia Relations".   By Randolph Mank in Vol. 11, IV.


"Explaining Spain’s Casas: An Instrument of Networked Public Diplomacy".   By María Claver Ruiz in Vol. 10, II.
"‘Review2014’: A Project of Reflection and Change in German Foreign Policy".   By Thomas Bagger in Vol. 10, IV.
"Representing the Global Island: A Review of Ireland’s Foreign Policy".   By Gerard Keown in Vol. 10, IV.
"Modernizing the Dutch Diplomatic Service: A Work in Progress".   By Steven Collet in Vol. 10, IV.


"Equal Opportunities in the Slovene Diplomatic Service".   By Milan Jazbec in Vol. 9, I.

"Business Diplomacy in Practice: Advancing Interests in Crisis Situations".   By James M. Small in Vol. 9, IV.

"Corporate Statecraft and its Diplomacy".   By George Haynal in Vol. 9, IV.


"Football, Politics and Europe".   By William Gaillard in Vol. 8, III-IV.


"The Early Days of the European External Action Service: A Practitioner’s View".   By David Spence in Vol. 7, I.

"Mexico’s Concentration on Consular Services in the United States".   By Daniel Hernández Joseph in Vol. 7, II.
"Domestic Constraints on the Rise of Chinese Public Diplomacy".   By Yiwei Wang in Vol. 7, IV.
"Israel’s New Peer-to-Peer Diplomacy".   By Shay Attias in Vol. 7, IV.
"Public Diplomacy in Croatia: Sharing NATO and EU Values with the Domestic Public".   By Mladen Andrlić, Iva Tarle and Suzana Simichen Sopta in Vol. 7, IV.


"Economic Diplomacy in a Changing World".   By Henk Bleker & Maxime Verhagen in Vol. 6, I-II.
"The Diplomacy of the Financial Crisis in Context".   By Nicholas Bayne in Vol. 6, I-II.
"Development Cooperation as Economic Diplomacy?".   By Arjan de Haan in Vol. 6, I-II.
"The Incapacitation of US Statecraft and Diplomacy".   By Chas W. Freeman in Vol. 6, III-IV.
"Digital Diplomacy and US Foreign Policy".   By Alec Ross in Vol. 6, III-IV.


"Sub-State Diplomacy Today".   By Luc Van den Brande in Vol. 5, I-II.
"Diplomacy, Ethics and the National Interest: What Are Diplomats For?".   By Brian Barder in Vol. 5, III.
"Handling Relations with Myanmar in a Chinese Way: A Personal Reflection".   By Cheng Ruisheng in Vol. 5, IV.


"WTO Accessions: The Story So Far".   By Peter Milthorp in Vol. 4, I.
"India's Diaspora Diplomacy".   By Kishan Rana in Vol. 4, III.


"Trends and Developments in Consular Services: The Dutch Experience".   By Renée Jones-Bos and Monique van Daalen in Vol. 3, I.
"Reflections on Public Diplomacy after the Danish Cartoon Crises: From Crisis Management to Normal Public Diplomacy Work".   By Uffe Andreasen in Vol. 3, II.
"Public Diplomacy at Bangladesh's Missions Abroad: A Practitioner's View".   By Humayun Kabir in Vol. 3, III.


"Security through Disarmament: The Story of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission". By Randy Rydell in Vol. 2, I.
"Parliamentary Diplomacy".   By Gonnie de Boer and Frans Weisglas in Vol. 2, I.
"Reforming Foreign Services for the Twenty-First Century".   By Shaun Riordan in Vol. 2, II.
"Experience Matters Most".   By Karl Theodor Paschke in Vol. 2, II.
"Geo-Social Mapping of the International Communications Environment or Why Abdul Isn't Listening".   By Barry Fulton in Vol. 2, III.


"Towards a European Foreign Policy".   By Brian Crowe in Vol. 1, I.
"Training for Chairing: A Practical Approach".   By John Hemery and Paul Meerts in Vol. 1, II.
"The Duty of Diplomatic Dissent".   By John Brady Kiesling in Vol. 1, III.
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