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About the Research School

Within the Dutch Research School for Medieval Studies, medievalists from six Dutch universities work together.

The Dutch Research School for Medieval Studies is a partnership between six universities in The Netherlands with a substantive scholarship in medieval studies in the following three disciplines: history, literary history and art and architectural history. The Research School maintains a special bond with three Flemish universities (Ghent, Louvain and Antwerp).

The main objective of the Research School is to provide a training program for PhD candidates and Research Master students by offering interuniversity courses, by facilitating their participation in relevant courses offered at universities other than their own, and by (co-)organising specialist seminars, master classes and workshops.

In addition, the Research School aims to promote national and interantional collaboration in medieval studies by offering a platform for the exchange of information (amongst other, through its digital newsletter), by stimulating applications for the funding of interdisciplinary and/or interuniversity research projects, by regularly organising (inter)national symposia, including the annual Medieval Studies Day.

The Board of the Research School consists of six members, one of each of the six participant universities. It seeks advice from a consultative committee in which lecturers and PhD candidates are represented. The responsibility for the day-to-day functioning of the Research School is delegated to the Secretariat, consisting of the Academic Director and the Secretary. For the period 2019-2027 the Secretariat is located in Leiden.

The Research School is part of the Dutch network of national research schools in the Arts and Humanities (known in Dutch as Landelijk Overleg Geesteswetenschappelijke Onderzoekscholen, LOGOS).

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