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Project schedule

The area will undergo major changes, in a phased plan. Teaching will continue during this period. The existing education buildings will be tackled one by one. Some of the buildings will be reconstructed, and for others the building shell will undergo renovation. The Humanities Building is expected to be completed in 2033.

New urban development plan

Since it became apparent that the original plan for the Doelen area (a 'new Lipsius') could not be realised, the University investigated alternative options for this part of the Humanities Campus and has designed a new Urban Development Plan. This plan incorporates participation from the immediate environment (neighbours and nearby residents). The plan has been available for viewing at the Leiden city council offices for six weeks.

As a result of public comments, the plan has been amended on a number of points. For example, an insolation study has been added. View the urban plan

In 2023 there will be another procedure regarding the visual quality plan and the zoning procedure. 

Photo: Monique Shaw.


2019 - 2020: Arsenaal (Arsenaalstraat): the interior of the Arsenaal has been completely redesigned, with a new layout of the space for work rooms and a contemporary interior design. The facilities include several lecture halls, an interior garden, a loft with workspaces and an area for independent study on the patio. The renovation was completed in the spring of 2020.

2016 - 2017: P.J. Veth (Nonnensteeg): the renovation of the P.J. Veth Building began in 2016 and the Faculty moved into the new building in August 2017

Work in progress

We are working on the renovation of Cluster Zuid, learn more about this project on the project page

The buildings in the Witte Singel-Doelen area. P.J. van Eyckhof-Van Wijkplaats is called Cluster Zuid in the project Humanities Campus. Matthias de Vrieshof is called Cluster Noord.
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