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Cluster Zuid (2022-2024)

The renovation of Cluster Zuid (P.N. van Eyckhof-Van Wijkplaats) is the third project in the redevelopment of the Humanities Campus. With the renewal of these buildings, the university ensures a sustainable campus with modern facilities. The university wants to create an attractive educational environment where social interaction is stimulated, and where students and employees like to spend their time.


The implementation of the renovation is in the hands of Combinatie Cluster Zuid - Constructif Kuijpers (CCZ). CCZ works with the Conscious Builders Code of Conduct, which is based on five principles: Concern for the surrounding area, the Safety of people on and around the site, the deployment of Specialist Builders, Environmental awareness, and Consideration for the neighbourhood.

The first step in the renovation by CZ comprises the work to be completed in the basement. After this, the middle ’house’ will be demolished. The complex is made up of seven parts, referred to as ‘houses’. The demolition of the central house will provide an open space with a great deal of daylight in the heart of the complex. After the renovation, this will form the central meeting place for the building. Several weeks before the start, an information evening will be organised for local residents.

The design

Because this building forms an architectural trinity with the University Library and Cluster Noord (M. de Vrieshof), the facade will stay largely intact. The design team - with architect firm De Zwarte Hond - took the vision of the original architect Joop van Stigt into consideration during the design proces, in order to guarantee a respectful transformation of the building.  

The renovated building will have a modern ambiance, with attractive spaces for students and employees to meet each other. Cluster Zuid will feature more than 700 study spots with 20 new rooms for workings groups, as well as two big lecture halls. A pleasant working environment is created with places to work individually as well as in groups (common and meeting rooms). The orientation of the building will be improved as well.


After the renovation, the faculty will have a much more sustainable building and more people can make use of it as well. Inside, Cluster Zuid will have lots of daylight, good air supply and acoustics, as well as a new, central heart. 

The renovated building will get a sustainable energy label. Energy loss gets smaller, because the original seven houses will be forged together into one, compact building. Additionally, the sustainable effect is reinforced by the new, green roof. The transparant roof above the new heart of the building will provide more daylight. With adding insulation, more efficient installations, solar panels and a thermal storage, Cluster Zuid will receive the BREEAM Excellent certificate. Read more in this article

Project schedule

  • October 2020: the 'harvesting' at which materials from the building have been removed that can be reused somewhere else
  • Summer 2022: The construction site is set up, which marks the start of the renovation. This phase will last until the beginning of 2024
  • Spring-Summer 2024: The renovation of Cluster Zuid will be completed, and the building can be used

Who will be the building’s occupants?

  • The Leiden University Institute for Area Studies (LIAS);
  • The Netherlands Institute for the Near East;
  • The Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV);
  • African Studies Centre Leiden
  • Library of the Middle East
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