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Participation and Communication

It is the University’s responsibility to carefully inform the students, the university employees and the local residents about the sub-projects, refurbishments and renovations. The Urban Development Plan and the Visual Quality Plan were produced in a participation procedure with a focus group, organised by Leiden City Council, which has now been completed.

Communication about the renovations

The University aims to inform its students and employees, as well as the buildings’ immediate neighbours as fully as possible about what is going to happen. The extent and method of this communication will depend on the scope of the sub-project and its impact on the surrounding area. Information sessions will be organised during the design phase and before the work begins. During the execution of the work, the contractor will also communicate with the stakeholders / local residents by means of information letters and other media. This will take place in consultation with the University, and agreements will be made about nuisance limitation for each sub-project.

If you have any questions about communication relating to the Humanities Campus sub-projects, please send an e-mail to info@humanitiescampus.nl

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