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Participation and Communication

Leiden University is working on the renovation of the Humanities Campus. The education buildings are being addressed one by one. Students, staff, visitors, and Leiden residents can then study, work, and live in a pleasant environment. The Humanities Campus is in open connection with the city of Leiden and will become a green and sustainable area for everyone.

New phase

In 2022, three meetings were held for local residents. Their feedback has since been incorporated into the urban planning plan, which was approved by the city council in June 2023. A new phase now begins in which work has been done on a design for the land-use plan.

Therefore, in late October, Leiden University organized an information market for residents of the neighborhood, students, employees, and other interested parties regarding the Humanities Campus. They could become informed about the (design) land-use plan and the image quality plan. he Mayor and Alderman have approved these plans. They will be available for public inspection by the municipality at December 8th. 

The Urban planning plan

Communication on current renovation projects

The Humanities Campus buildings are being tackled one by one. For each construction project - such as the current renovation of Cluster Zuid - the University informs and involves all those involved as much as possible.

Information briefings take place during the design phase and prior to the start of the construction activities. When the building work is being carried out, the contractor has an important role in communication. At points when some disturbance is expected, information letters are distributed to local residents. There are also consultation hours, information afternoons and guided tours of the construction site.

If you have any questions about communication and/or participation, you can send an email to info@humanitiescampus.nl

A participation meeting in the atrium of the Arsenal building
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