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Find our team (and their email addresses!) below.

Sustainable Operations Coordinator – Bart Hemmes

Hi! My name is Bart, and I am a second-year International Studies (specialisation: Europe, French) and third-year Public Administration (specialisation: Economics, Public Administration and Management) bachelor’s student. Within LUGO, I am the Sustainable Operations Coordinator, responsible for fostering concrete, sustainable changes at Leiden University. Separately, I am president of a national youth organisation that advocates for sustainability and climate solutions. My aim for my time at LUGO is producing solutions and projects that allow Leiden University to lead by sustainable example.  

Email: operations@lugo.leidenuniv.nl

Administration & Assessment Coordinator – Anjeza Llulla

Hi! My name is Anjeza, and I am an International Relations and Diplomacy master’s student. I am also the Administration and Assessment Coordinator at LUGO. This makes me responsible for the administration side of the organisation, ensuring our internal dynamics are running as smoothly as possible. In this sense, it is up to me to check in on both the projects and wellbeing of my fellow coordinators. In my free time, I love to cook with organic and seasonal vegetables and attempt over-ambitious sewing projects. My goal for my time at LUGO is fostering a more sustainable university environment and community dedicated to the future of our planet. 

Email: administration@lugo.leidenuniv.nl

Community Coordinator – Natalie Cru

Hi! My name is Natalie, and I am a Governance of Sustainability master’s student, with a background in communication management. At LUGO, I am the Community Coordinator. I believe strong communities are built on shared stories, values, and experiences. This led me to take on this position within LUGO’s board where I work with a committee to do exactly that through podcasts, events, and more. In my free time, I like to do yoga, write, and travel. My goal for my time at LUGO is to connect students and staff alike, and to cultivate a culture of empowerment and action towards a regenerative future! 

Email: community@lugo.leidenuniv.nl

Strategy & Education Coordinator – Winnie Oussoren

Hi! My name is Winnie, and I am an International Relations and Organisations, and Greek and Latin Language and Culture bachelor’s student. As LUGO’s Strategy and Education Coordinator, I spend my time working on research and projects concerning the implementation of sustainability within Leiden University’s educational programmes. Even outside of LUGO my main activities concern sustainability. I am involved in the Youth for Climate movement and am always looking for ways to participate in climate action. LUGO is one of these ways. That is why my core aim for my time at LUGO is to further raise awareness of the crisis we are in and provide the resources to teach students and staff on how to make a difference. 

Email: strategy@lugo.leidenuniv.nl

Visibility & Outreach – Inaya Basu

Hi! My name is Inaya, and I am a Film and Photographic Studies master’s student, with a background in Asian history, media studies, and philosophy. I work as the Visibility and Outreach Coordinator for LUGO, which entails ensuring LUGO’s visibility both within and outside the university campus, maintaining good relations with LUGO’s stakeholders, and building partnerships with potential collaborators. Since my primary interests lie in academic research on art and visual media, my goal for my time at LUGO is to examine and integrate the visual medium’s potential, to garner greater attention towards sustainability-related issues at the university.   

Email: outreach@lugo.leidenuniv.nl

(Online) Communication Coordinator – Laura Steel Pascual

Hi! My name is Laura, and I am a Governance of Sustainability master’s student, with a background in political science, international relations, and communications. Within LUGO, I take on the role of Online Communication Coordinator, which concerns taking care of LUGO's social media platforms and websites. It also includes managing the content for the LUGO Press, our student publication forum. This ties well with my core interests outside of LUGO, which lie in climate ethics and the written word. My aim for my time at LUGO is to underline the value the humanities and social sciences can bring to issues of the environment. 

Email: communication@lugo.leidenuniv.nl

Manager – Chiel de Block

Hi! My name is Chiel, and I take on the role of LUGO Manager as part of my position of Sustainability Policy Advisor within the University. My bachelor’s (Future Planet Studies) and master’s (Sustainable Development) focused on sustainability topics, paying special attention to the social and international aspects of the global challenges. In my LUGO role, I make sure the team is organised and productive as well as aid them in making relevant connections within and outside the organisation, to ensure LUGO's voice is heard at all levels of the university. As an intrinsically motivated sustainability passionate, I live and breathe sustainability: my way of living (in a Tiny House), my career, studies and hobbies are all dedicated to making a positive change. Ultimately, my aim within the team is to make LUGO more impactful. I see it as my goal to provide the right setting for LUGO and its members to make a difference for the university. 

Email: manager@lugo.leidenuniv.nl

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