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LUGO’s position within Leiden University

The LUGO team is part of the Administration and Central Services department of the university, with it falling under the Strategy and Academic Affairs department. Naturally, it falls into the sustainability team of the University, which consists of two full-time employees alongside the LUGO Team. The Administration and Central Services department supports the Executive Board (CvB) in managing Leiden University. The department is also responsible for the policy and decision-making of the CvB.

Advisory Board
An Advisory Board has been established to assist LUGO in different ways:

  1. To advise LUGO at a strategic and/or tactical level and to contribute ideas for possible activities and/or their implementation;
  2. To review LUGO’s activities against its overall aims and its annual plan, budget and annual report; 
  3. To serve as an ambassador of LUGO within Leiden University;
  4. To assist LUGO in achieving its goals, e.g. by generating publicity for activities.

The Advisory Board consists of four to five members, who are either staff members or students (from co-participation) at Leiden University. In its composition the Advisory Board reflects various parts of the University; usually a member of the University Council forms part of the Advisory Board.
At the start of the academic year 2023/2024 the Advisory Board consists of:

  • Esther Kentin, lecturer at the Department Moot Court and Advocacy of the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies. Also runs the Leiden Advocacy Project on Plastic.
  • Jan Willem Erisman, professor of enviromental sustainability within the Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML).
  • Roos van Oosten, assistant professor in Medieval and Urban Archeology
  • Paul Nieuwenburg, professor in political science and political philosophy at the Institute of Political Science and co-director of the Centre of Political Philosophy.
  • Victor van der Horst, student member of the University Council.
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