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Meet our Team

Meet our team and find their emailaddresses below.

Sustainable Operations Coordinator – Jens Opdam

Hi! My name is Jens Opdam, an Security Studies student and currently LUGO’s Sustainable Operations Coordinator. My job is to make various aspects and operations within the university more sustainable.

My work is as varied as it can be, talking with departments about implementing smart-temperature control in University buildings or having discounts for using your own mug at coffee machines are just two examples of the many projects I am working on.

Also, I am the person to contact if you are a student/staff member with an idea to make things more green on our university! Please, feel free to send me an email.

Email: operations@lugo.leidenuniv.nl

Administration & Assessment Coordinator - Janey Franssen

Hi there! My name is Janey and I’m an enthusiastic and motivated History student. This year I will be the Marketing & Outreach Coordinator of LUGO. What started as an obsession with wildlife and its conservation as a child, has evolved in becoming passionate about the environment and sustainability. As the Marketing & Outreach of LUGO I am mostly busy with putting LUGO on the map. My main tasks include: arranging attendance at (career) events such as internship fairs, being in charge of choosing the most sustainable merchandise, helping to set up platforms for LUGO’s best projects and being in close contact with several important components of the university. With my never ending enthusiasm I am not only happy to create awareness about sustainability for students and staff, but I am also very much willing to facilitate actual sustainable changes within the university!

Email: administration@lugo.leidenuniv.nl

Community Coordinator – Natalie Cru

Hi! My name is Natalie, and I am the community coordinator at LUGO. I am a Governance of Sustainability master’s student, with a background in communication management. I believe strong communities are built on shared stories, values, and experiences. This led me to take on this position within LUGO’s board where I can do exactly that through podcasts, events, sustainability platforms, and more. My aim is to connect students and staff alike, and to cultivate a culture of empowerment and action towards a regenerative future!

Email: community@lugo.leidenuniv.nl

Sustainability Strategy and Education Coordinator - Job Kemperman

I am Job Kemperman, LUGO's Sustainable Strategy & Education Coordinator! I focus on making the University more sustainable in terms of strategy, education and research. This means that provide advise to partners that are responsible for policy of the University, from the Programme to University level. I also support co-participation bodies in what they can do with sustainability in their Council. Essentially, I continuously try to see what we can do more, and how we can do better in terms to sustainability as Leiden University. If you have any ideas, requests or questions: hit me up at the emailadress below!

Email: strategy@lugo.leidenuniv.nl

Marketing and Outreach – Inaya Basu

Hello! I’m Inaya, and I’m currently pursuing a Masters in Film and Photographic Studies at Leiden University. I am also the Marketing & Outreach Coordinator for LUGO this year. I think we can all agree that climate change is shifting the very fabric of our society along with causing irreversible detriment to our planet, which is why I am passionate about all things green! Being a part of LUGO allows me to engage with sustainability in my own little way. As the Marketing & Outreach Coordinator, I work on increasing LUGO’s visibility both within and outside the university campus. My main tasks include: arranging attendance at various events, being in charge of choosing the most sustainable merchandise, helping to set up platforms for LUGO’s best projects and being in close contact with various facets of the university. I, along with the rest of the team want to spread awareness about LUGO’s sustainable mission and values and since fighting climate change is a collaborative effort, please do not hesitate to reach out for any questions or suggestions!

Email: outreach@lugo.leidenuniv.nl

Online Communication Coordinator– Dennis Hulsbosch

Hi! I am Dennis Hulsbosch, studying the MSc Industrial Ecology and I take on the role as Communication Coordinator within LUGO. Everytime you see a post on your favorite social platform or you visit our website, I make sure everything is up-to-date so you know exactly when the new event is taking place and which plans and ideas we, as LUGO, are working on. Do you have any suggestions or wonder how you can contribute to our socials? For instance, by writing a student or staff story about your ideas and work in the field of sustainability? Do not hesitate to contact me!

Email: communication@lugo.leidenuniv.nl

Manager – Adela Svobodová

Hi everyone! As sustainability policy advisor at Leiden University I am very excited to be the manager of LUGO, where I have worked as a coordinator over the past two years. Together with the team we will be working on creating a more sustainable university, where various topics such as the integration of sustainability within education or increasing the biodiversity on campus will play a role. As a recent graduate from Occupational Health Psychology at Leiden University, I am curious to experience the university from a staff member perspective. I am intrigued to hear from both staff and students to understand what your sustainable university, where you work and study, would look like. Get in touch!

Email: manager@lugo.leidenuniv.nl

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