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Meet our Team

Meet our team and find their emailaddresses below.

Employee Manager – Daphne van den Berg

Hi everyone! As program manager sustainability at Leiden University I have the honor to manage LUGO. Together with the enthusiastic coordinators of LUGO I want to make this university more sustainable, ranging from a smaller carbon footprint to more education and research in which sustainability plays an essential role. I graduated in Environment and Society Studies in Nijmegen and Geography in Utrecht. Now I get to know Leiden as a brand new staff member. I am very curious about your ideas what the sustainable university where you want to learn and work, looks like. Don’t hesitate to contact me!

Email: manager@lugo.leidenuniv.nl

Online Communication Coordinator– Dennis Hulsbosch

Hi! I am Dennis Hulsbosch and I take on the role as Communication Coordinator within LUGO. Everytime you see a post on your favorite social platform or you visit our website, I make sure everything is up-to-date so you know exactly when the new event is taking place and which plans and ideas we, as LUGO, are working on. Do you have any suggestions or wonder how you can contribute to our socials? For instance, by writing a student or staff story about your ideas and work in the field of sustainability? Do not hesitate to contact me!

Email: communication@lugo.leidenuniv.nl

Sustainability Strategy and Education Coordinator – Soem Zeijlmans

Hello, my name is Soem Zeijlmans. At LUGO, I work to integrate sustainability in Leiden University's education. For example, I talk with staff and students in university governance and co-participation to how we can do this topic justice. I also work with academic staff on specific projects such as an online course on climate science developments. 
Other than this, I represent the Green Office in the university when it comes to making strategy documents. I'm involved in creating the university's Sustainability Vision for 2030 and I maintain contact with the University Council and Faculty Councils.
I graduated cum laude from Leiden University College The Hague in 2020 majoring in Governance, Economics, and Development. 
The Green Office is always available to help staff and students with bringing attention to sustainability in the university. Please send me a message or contact me on Microsoft Teams

Email: strategy@lugo.leidenuniv.nl

Administration & Assessment Coordinator - Adéla Svobodová

Hi there! I’m Adéla, a Czech native with a pinch of Dutch spice!  I’m really excited about the upcoming year with LUGO as Administration & Assessment Coordinator as I am sure it will challenge me in all the right ways. With my background in psychology, I hope to ensure that the functioning of the team is at its best taking into account everyone’s qualities. I will also be assessing our short and long term planning and positioning within Leiden University. You will most likely encounter me wearing a lot of colorful clothes and frantically running between Leiden and the Hague! Feel free to approach me, I especially encourage those individuals for a talk who feel like they cannot contribute to a more sustainable university due to their nontechnical background. Everyone can contribute in their own manner no matter who they are!

Email: administration@lugo.leidenuniv.nl

Community Coordinator – Lara Wille

I’m Lara, a Bachelor Psychology student from Germany and the new Community Coordinator. I want to inform, connect and engage people at our university that are interested in sustainability, to create a community where we inspire each other to be part of a change. Together with the LUGO committee, I will organize events related to sustainability (for now, online). We are all able to contribute in our own way and I know that there are many amazing, interested and motivated students that want to be engaged with sustainability in some way. Well, we will be more than happy to see you at our events! If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, please feel free to contact me!

Email: community@lugo.leidenuniv.nl

Sustainable Operations Coordinator - Job Kemperman

I am Job Kemperman, LUGO's Sustainable Operations Coordinator! I focus on making all University's operations more sustainable. That ranges from pushing for vegetarian restaurants and cafes to more sustainable transport behaviour of staff and students. In order to this, I develop proposals and talk with departements of the University that can help to make thesethings possible. At the same time, we are there to help you as a staff member/student of the University to answer questions and help with sustainable intiatives. If you have any ideas, requests or questions: hit me up.

Email: operations@lugo.leidenuniv.nl

Marketing and Outreach – Janey Franssen

Hi there! My name is Janey and I’m an enthusiastic and motivated History student. This year I will be the Marketing & Outreach Coordinator of LUGO. What started as an obsession with wildlife and its conservation as a child, has evolved in becoming passionate about the environment and sustainability. As the Marketing & Outreach of LUGO I am mostly busy with putting LUGO on the map. My main tasks include: arranging attendance at (career) events such as internship fairs, being in charge of choosing the most sustainable merchandise, helping to set up platforms for LUGO’s best projects and being in close contact with several important components of the university. With my never ending enthusiasm I am not only happy to create awareness about sustainability for students and staff, but I am also very much willing to facilitate actual sustainable changes within the university!

Email: outreach@lugo.leidenuniv.nl

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