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The Gorlaeus Building will be constructed in three phases, with the new building due to be completed by 2026.

Phased construction

The building’s design, with its central atrium and the side wings leading off from that area, is well suited to construction in multiple phases. Phase 1 began in 2013 and was completed in 2016. Phase 2 of the new building is divided into phase 2A (2017 – 2023) and phase 2B (2024 – 2026). Splitting construction into multiple phases means that teaching and research can continue unimpeded while construction is ongoing.

Phase 2A

During Phase 2A, the central corridor will be completed and the building will gain three new side wings. Phase 2A provides housing for the Faculty Board and supporting staff, a range of educational rooms and five institutes: Mathematical Institute (MI), Leiden Institute of Chemistry (LIC), Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research (LACDR), Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS) and the Observatory.

In this phase, the communal facilities are also realized, such as catering facilities and the library. In addition, there will be a large new lecture hall for 180 students and two ascending halls for 100 students. Study associations will also share a central space.

The building’s central main axis leads towards the Einsteinweg, where the new main entrance to the Gorlaeus Building will be located. The LCP, Chemical Storage, the Real Estate Expertise Centre and the Gorlaeus high-rise building will have to make way for the construction work during this phase. These buildings have been sustainably demolished.

Schedule: Phase 2A

Design                                                             2018 – 2020
Implementation and completion              2021 – 2023
Ready for use                                                 2024

Phase 2B

Phase 2B will extend the Gorlaeus Building with an extra wing that will house functions such as offices and laboratories for the Leiden Institute of Physics (LION). The schedule for this phase is:

Design                                                             2023 – 2024
Implementation and completion              2024 – 2025
Ready for use                                                 2026

Overview of the phased construction of the Gorlaeus Building
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