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Linguistics institutes and associations in the Netherlands

Universities and research institutes

The following institutes offer education and/or carry out research in linguistics - note that various departments of (modern) languages may also offer linguistics as part of their curriculum:

Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics

Meertens Instituut (Research and documentation of Dutch language and culture)

University of Amsterdam:

University of Groningen:

Universiteit Leiden:

Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen:

Universiteit Utrecht:

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam:

Associations for linguist(ic)s

Linguists in the Netherlands also gather in the following associations:

Anéla (Dutch Society for Applied Linguistics)

Netherlands Graduate School of Linguistics

Vereniging Interuniversitair Overleg Taalbeheersing

Het Werkverband Amsterdamse Psycholinguïsten

BeNeCLA (Belgium-Netherlands Cognitive Linguistics Association )

Comité International Permanent de Linguistes

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