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Nota Bene

Nota Bene is the peer-reviewed journal edited by the AVT and BCL.

A selection of the papers presented at the Dutch Annual Linguistics Day (DALD) is published the same year in the journal Nota Bene, published by John Benjamins. The call for papers is sent to presenters after the DALD. Members of AVT have direct electronic access to all editions and if requested also the (free) printed edition of the journal. Three years after publication all articles are available open access.

Nota Bene is a collaboration between the Belgian Circle for Linguistics and the Algemene Vereniging voor Taalwetenschap. It represents a continuation of Linguistics in the Netherlands (1985-2023) and the Belgian Journal of Linguistics (1986-2023). The journal publishes two issues per year, one under the auspices and editorship of the Linguistic Society of Belgium (CBL/BKL) and one under the auspices and editorship of the Linguistic Society of The Netherlands (AVT). The AVT issue  is open only to submissions from presenters at the DALD (the other issue will have a call for papers on the CBL/BKL website).

Nota Bene is broad in scope, covering current research from across the language sciences and adjacent disciplines. It features both topical special issues and reports of current work. Articles undergo an external peer review process focused on high academic quality. Rooted in the vibrant community of language researchers in Belgium and The Netherlands, the journal transcends its geographical basis both through the international orientation of its advisory board and by inviting international scholars to contribute original papers. 

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