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AVT/Anéla Dissertation Award

The AVT and the Dutch Society for Applied Linguistics (Anéla) annually gives out a award for a dissertation in the area of linguistics.

Dissertation award 2020

In 2020, 10 excellent PhD dissertations were nominated. The jury arrived at a shortlist of 3 candidates (in alphabetical order):

  • Eveline Boers-Visker (Universiteit van Amsterdam), “Learning to use space: A study into the SL2 acquisition process of adult learners of Sign Language of the Netherlands”;
  • Imme Lammertink (Universiteit van Amsterdam), "Detecting patterns: Relating statistical learning to language proficiency in children with and without developmental language disorder";
  • Véronique Verhagen (Universiteit van Tilburg), "Illuminating variation: Individual differences in entrenchment of multi-word units".


The winner of the AVT/Anéla Dissertation Award 2020 is: Imme Lammertink! Congratulations!

The jury report can be found here. 


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