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International Day of Light

Wednesday 16 May 2018
Visitor Center Old Observatory Leiden

Logo International Day of Light. CC BY 4.0

The International Day of Light will take place on 16 May. This is an initiative from UNESCO to highlight the important role of light in science, art, culture, medicine, communication, and sustainability and energy. All over the world, organizations, museums and universities organize special activities related to light.

Light plays an extremely important role in astronomy. By observing light that reaches the earth, we learn a bit more every day about what the universe is made up of and how the laws of nature are expressed in the universe.

On Wednesday May 16 in the visitor center of the Old Observatory, you can do a number of experiments that show interesting aspects and effects of light! These tests are especially fun for children, but adults can learn something from them as well.

Entrance to the visitor centre is free, as long as you have a valid ticket to the Botanical Garden.

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