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For students

This section of the website is for current students of the Media Technology MSc program.

When starting the Media Technology program, familiarize yourself with the content of this page.

Planning and shaping your own study

The Media Technology calendar shows all events that are officially related to the program, such as the teaching schedule, information meetings, graduation events, etc. It is a Google Calendar and can be linked within your personal calendar app (ICAL, html).

To participate in Leiden University courses and exams, enrolment in MyStudyMap is always required. Without your timely registration, participation may not be possible and grades cannot be registered. Registration for retakes only need to be done after failing the initial exam. You should enrol before the start of the courses. Please check the instructions on how to enrol in a course.

If you encounter problems registering for a course via MyStudyMap, first check the FAQ. If your question is not answered in the FAQ, send an email to fwnstudentsupport@science.leidenuniv.nl, including your student number, programme, the course you want to enrol in and a brief description of the problem.

Core courses are the compulsory courses that must be completed by every student.

Which are the core courses for a student depends on the academic year in which the student joined the program. An overview for each starting year can be found in the university prospectus. Make sure to select the correct starting academic year.

See our dedicated pages on Accent CoursesElective Courses, and How to Apply for Electives in uSis.

Sometimes students may qualify for course exemption, because they already possess all the skills and knowledge that a compulsory course teaches. Read how exemption works, if you think you qualify.

Students that feel the urge to take on additional challenges can consider taking interdisciplinary Master honours classes. These are taken alongside their regular studies, so they do not contribute to the Media Technology graduation.

Reed more about Master Honours Classes.

Studying abroad is a great opportunity for students to broaden their horizons, specialize at international universities, meet international friends, and to build an academic network.

It is possible to study abroad as part of the Media Technology MSc program. However, fitting it within the two years requires forward planning, preparation, and a very pro-active attitude. Visit the university's page on studying abroad, and always contact the study adviser to discuss your plans.

(Photo at top of page: students and staff of the Media Technology MSc program on a field trip in 2017. Can you spot the six lecturers?)

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