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Considering to apply?

If you are considering to apply for the Media Technology MSc program, then this page is for you.

Making an important decision

Choose your study wisely. Working hard for two years is only possible if the program meets your expectations. Here are four steps that we expect every applicant to take.

1. Check your expectations

Make very sure that the program is what you expect of it! Simply looking at the names of the program and its courses is not enough. Invest in understanding the program. Does it teach you what you want to learn? Does the whole program match you aims, not just one or two courses?

2. Read some student thesis works

To understand what we expect of students, read two or more theses from the thesis list. Or read some of our publications.

3. Consider and compare alternative programs

We are not an applied technology program, not a gaming program, not an art program, nor an engineering program. We expect candidates to seriously consider other programs also! See our lists of alternative Master's programs to see which one best fits you.

4. Attend information events

To properly understand what the program is about, applicants are expected to attend at least one information event (preferably more) before they apply. Follow the News section for dates, or check out the Masters information activities.

Admission requirements & application instructions

Admission requirements and application instructions are found on the university pages about Media Technology MSc programme.

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