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Course exemption

Sometimes students may qualify for course exemption, because they already possess the skills and knowledge that a compulsory course teaches.

To qualify for course exemption, there are some rules.

  1. If exemption is granted, then this only applies to the curricular component and not to the EC points of that component. So if you receive exemption for a 4 EC compulsory course of level 400, then you must do a replacement course of minimally 4 EC instead at level 400 or more. The replacement course must be a deepening or otherwise extend on the knowledge of the course for which exemption was granted. The student must themselves propose the replacement course.
  2. If you have ever received an insufficient grade (fail) for a course, or for any of its components, then you cannot get exemption for that same course.
  3. Only the course lecturer can assess whether a student qualifies for exemption. So contact the lecturer before the course starts, or during the first lecture at latest. Explain and substantiate why you think you qualify for exemption.

Once the course lecturer agrees that exemption is deserved, then the student must inform the study adviser. They will in turn verify this with the lecturer.

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