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Course and exam registration

After your arrival the Faculty will register you for all preapproved courses and exams.

Course registration

During the admissions process, a number of courses has been approved for you. In order to receive credit for courses and a transcript containing your results, your courses at Leiden University must be registered in uSis. The Faculty's Student Services Centre will enroll you in uSis for all preapproved Psychology lectures, workgroups and exams.

Note: Students should not try to register their own Psychology courses in uSis.

After July 1st  (Semester 1) / December 1st (Semester 2) it is only possible to make course changes in case of a course clash. Please contact your Exchange Coordinator as soon as possible in case you encounter a course clash.

Exam registration

Exchange students are registered for preapproved exams after arrival. 

Students should register in resit exams themselves. It is important that you deregister for an exam or for a resit exam in uSis in case you do not intend to take it. You need to deregister at least 11 days before the exam or resit exam takes place. If you are having difficulties with a registration or deregistration, please contact the Student Service Center for help.

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