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Education and Child Studies

We are very happy to welcome you to spend the spring semester or year studying with us at the Institute of Education and Child Studies. Here you will find practical information on studying Education and Child Studies in Leiden as an exchange student.

Intake appointment

All exchange students coming from partner universities of the Institute of Education and Child Studies meet with our Exchange coordinator at the beginning of the semester to help you get settled in our faculty and to get your studies off to a good start.

These intake appointments will take place by appointment. You must bring your learning agreements and other Erasmus documents like Arrival or Attendance Forms requiring signature to these appointments. Students will receive an invitation to make an appointment in January. Please do not sign up for an intake appointment if your studies at Leiden University are not on the basis of an agreement with our Institute of Education and Child Studies.

Usefull app and websites

Our ICT services, including the Leiden University App, help to make studying easier. In the app you will find all kinds of services, which you can start using once you've received an ULCN account: 

As a student of Leiden University you will receive a uMail address, where you can log in with your ULCN account. All correspondence from the university will be sent via uMail. Make sure to check it regularly, so you stay informed. Tip: You can forward the mails to your private email address.

Leiden University offers a wide range of subjects in Psychology for Exchange and Study Abroad students. You will find more information about the content, books, learning outcomes, schedules and prerequisites in our online course Prospectus.

We use offline and online forms of education. Brightspace is our online learning environment. Here, instructors place additional information about their course. You can enroll yourself in Brightspace once you are registered for courses in uSis.

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