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We are very happy to welcome you to spend a semester or year studying with us in the Faculty of Humanities. Here you will find information on your course timetables and more.

First semester
Courses for exchange students 
Exams for exchange students

Second semester
Courses for exchange students 
Exams for exchange students

See for an overview of faculty wide timetables, the faculty's course overview.

Please note

Keep in mind when selecting your courses that you may need to reshuffle a little once the course schedules are available to avoid course clashes.

The final exam dates are not available prior to the start of classes. Due to the many courses and the limited number of class rooms, it is impossible to schedule all the exams for courses offered in English before the Christmas holidays. If you need to be back at your home university by the beginning of January, discuss this with your instructor at the beginning of the term. Requests for an exam at a different time or in a different manner than scheduled, should be directed to the Board of Examiners of the study programme that offers the course. The Humanities Interantional Office can accommodate this requirement, given sufficient notice.

If you are taking courses in other faculties you should check with them what their regulations are on this matter.

All courses taken at Leiden University for credit must be registered in usis. Read the important information here regarding this process.

In order to receive credit for courses, and a transcript containing your results, your courses at Leiden University must be registered in usis.

All exchange students' courses in the Faculty of Humanities will be registered for them in usis by our administration. Students should not try to register their own courses in usis.

During the admissions process, students are approved for a number of courses. Our administration will register you in all Humanities courses for which you have been approved. All courses approved before August/January will be registered in usis by 1 week prior to the start of the fall/spring term, respectively. All courses approved after these dates will also be registered in usis by our administration, but we cannot guarantee by which date.

Please note

Please note that while you must be registered in usis in order to receive credit, registration in usis is not a requirement for you to attend the class. In order to attend class, you must have approval from the Humanities International Office, either as a part of your admissions process, or after arrival before the start of term. If you have been approved for a course, but do not yet see it in usis, you may still attend the class.

You cannot apply for new courses after arrival so make sure your study plan is complete when you arrive in Leiden. 

At the beginning of the semester we cannot answer all incoming e-mails quickly due to other activities that require our presence, during which we cannot answer e-mails  (OWL, Intake appointments). As we can better help you at the LIPS desk we will not answer e-mails with regard to courses. If you have urgent matters or questions/problems with regard to your courses, please come to the drop-in hours where we can help you immediately. Students coming on a Humanities exchange had best save their questions for the intake appointments. The exchange coordinator will answer all your questions then.

There are 2 mandatory appointments with our Incoming Student Coordinator for incoming Faculty of Humanities exchange students.

Intake Appointments

All incoming exchange students from Faculty of Humanities partners meet with our Incoming Student Coordinator for an intake appointment at the beginning of the semester to help you get settled in our faculty and to get your studies off to a good start.

The intake appointments for Fall will take place – by appointment - in the week before the start of the classes. For the Spring semester, they regularly take place the first week of the semester.
For Erasmus students, you must bring your learning agreements and other Erasmus documents requiring signature to these appointments; these forms will NOT be signed during regular drop-in hours. Students will receive an invitation to make an online appointment by e-mail about 3 weeks before the start of the semester.

If your studies at Leiden University are not on the basis of an agreement with our Faculty of Humanities, please do not sign up for an intake appointment.

Transcript Request Form appointments

All Faculty of Humanities exchange students (those incoming students who have come on the basis of an agreement with Humanities) must meet with our International Office towards the end of their stay at Leiden University to hand in a transcript request form. During this appointment you can touch base with the office on your semester, let us know how you're doing, ask us to sign any forms you may have relating to your semester abroad, and submit your completed and signed transcript request form. The transcript request form will be sent to you by e-mail prior to the exam period.

This form will be used to cross-check the courses you have taken during your time with us in order for us to prepare your transcript. Transcripts will not be issued without this form. Those students who have submitted this form during this appointment will have their transcript sent to their home university approximately 2 months following the end of their semester/year in Leiden.

Going home again

Erasmus students leaving at the end of their studies usually need to have a departure form signed by the international office.

Students can drop by to see our Incoming Student Coordinator during her office hours for a signature. Please do not leave this form until your last day in the country as you will run into problems should our International Office staff be away that day.

A transcript will be made for all students who receive credit at Leiden University as exchange students.

The Humanities International office will make transcripts for all exchange students from Humanities partners who are studying in our faculty.

In order to have their transcript issued, Faculty of Humanities exchange students must sign up for a transcript request appointment prior to departure. Students will receive an email about how to register for such an appointment towards the end of each semester.

Students who are in Leiden on the basis of a university-wide agreement will have their transcripts made by their admissions officer in Student and Educational Affairs. If you are on exchange to a different faculty, but just happen to have taken a course with the Faculty of Humanities, the international coordinator from your host faculty will make your transcript. Your transcript will be sent to the international coordinator at your home university, approximately 2 months following the final exam period.

If you're wishing you could stay with us a little longer following your exchange programme, have a look at our extensive list of English-language 1 or 2 year master's programmes.

Almost all master's programmes in the Faculty of Humanities at Leiden University are fully English-taught. As an exchange student, you have had the advantage of being able to try out several different areas of study at undergraduate level. You have also had the opportunity to meet a number of our professors and instructors. If you choose to apply to a master's programme at Leiden, those factors can help you make an advised decision.

Applicants who have previously studied at Leiden University, including exchange students, are not required to pay the application fee.

All information about the programmes on offer and the application process can be found on the master's in Leiden website.

If you have any questions, you can of course ask our Humanities International Office and we can point you in the right direction.

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