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Community & Communication

The community & communication workgroup serves as an umbrella that – in addition to its own activities – works with all three workgroups on the community and communication related aspects of their activities

This group focuses specifically on communicating with the early-career community, developing the YAL bulletin, the organization of inter-faculty events as well as includes the editorial committee of the blog Voices of Young Academics.

Activities and Projects

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YAL organises faculty lunches for young academics to meet

Being a young academic can be rather solitary. Young academics often do not have their own research group, nor the extensive network that associate professors and professors have. The Young Academy Leiden aims to change just that!

The Young Academy Leiden organises lunch meetings for young and early career academics and researchers at each faculty. The young faculty lunches are designed to create an informal place for young academics to get to know each other, with the additional benefit of facilitating new collaborations and a strengthened network.

For more information, see young faculty lunches.

Voices of Young Academics is a blog project of the Young Academy Leiden at Leiden University.

We as Young Academy Leiden are continuously educating ourselves and are listening to the voices coming from our own university, especially the young academics.

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