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YAL stimulates interdisciplinary collaboration.

What do we do?

The interdisciplinarity workgroup of the Young Academy Leiden seeks to bridge gaps between traditional branches of knowledge, both within and outside of Leiden University.

We promote interdisciplinary research through various means, including by bringing young academics together, applying for collaborative grants collaboratively, and facilitating synergistic research and symposia. We view cooperation as a cornerstone of academic research and we aim to further interdisciplinary collaboration at Leiden University and beyond.

Activities and projects

YAL has created grants in order to encourage interdisciplinarity

An interdisciplinary approach is essential towards tackling many of the issues facing society today and in the future. To support interdisciplinary research, Young Academy Leiden makes available grants to (partially) fund workshops, seminars, public lectures and meetings, or participation in such activities.

Priority will be given to activities related to the three themes identified by the the Young Academy Leiden as particularly pressing for the next 444 years, as part of Leiden University's 444 celebrations:

  • Data & Technology
    This theme covers all aspects of big data, artificial intelligence and workplace transformation.  

  • Sustainability
    This is understood in a broad sense, including climate change, global poverty, and well-being.  

  • Equality, Fairness & Justice
    This theme addresses economic, gender, or social inequality as well as aspects related to fair treatment and justice.

For more information, see Interdisciplinary Activity Grants.

YAL started with Seasons of Interdisciplinarity in 2021

There are many scientific themes with high interdisciplinary potential that early career scholars at Leiden University are working on, but the scientific (and university) infrastructure is often rather insular.

The idea behind the Seasons is therefore to create bridges that connect these islands, so that we can find each other more easily, learn from each other, and create interdisciplinary synergies. Scientific challenges are complex, and individual perspectives often limited.

The interdisciplinary year of 2021 consists of the Spring of Big Data, the Summer of Sustainability, the Fall of Misinformation, and the Winter of Mental Health. For more information, see Seasons of Interdisciplinarity.

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