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Weekly Lectures

The NVIC organises weekly Thursday lectures on a variety of subjects. The lectures start at 6 pm sharp. The doors open at 5.30 pm. Please note that seating is limited. The lectures start as scheduled and late admissions are not allowed. After the lecture refreshments will be served in the hall of the Institute.

Would you like to present your own academic research at NVIC? We are looking for professionals who would like to give a lecture about their research findings. Please email info@nvic.leidenuniv.nl for more information.

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Deena Khalil - Statizing Informality, Unbundling Rights

Thursday, the 7th of November at 6:00 pm.

Full lecture title:
"Statizing Informality, Unbundling Rights: Neoliberalism and Infrastructure in Cairo’s ashwa’eyat"

In this lecture, Deena Khalil examines the relatively recent commitment by the Holding Company for Water and Wastewater to tariff increases, as well as the mechanisms they have recently introduced to charge non-metered users who have illegally tapped into the network.

Given that the majority of non-metered/illegal users are alleged to reside in informal areas, she will discuss the impact these measures have had on water access in Cairo's informal areas.
The water company has stated any measures to legalize the water connection in an informal area should not be considered in any way a sign of formalization or legalization of the informal areas themselves. Khalil interprets this as a manifestation of how the Egyptian state is finding ways to accommodate informality, and benefit from it, without having to formalize it.

Deena Khalil is a post-doctoral fellow at the American University in Cairo’s School of the Humanities and Social Sciences. She completed a PhD in 2018 at University College London's Development Planning Unit (DPU) where she studied the politics of access to potable water and infrastructure in Cairo’s informal areas, and she obtained her MA in Economics of International Development at the American University in Cairo in 2008.

Between 2014 and 2019 Deena worked at Takween Integrated Community Development, first as a researcher and later as a Research Unit Manager. Prior to this she worked as a project coordinator and researcher on studies related to HIV-AIDS, water and sanitation, and monitoring and evaluation in Egypt, Sudan, and the MENA region in general, with organizations including UNDP, UNICEF, and UNESCO.

Photo through Tadamun

Raph Cormack - Midnight in Cairo

Thursday, the 14th of November at 6:00 pm.

The years following the 1919 revolution in Egypt were a time of huge political and cultural change and new ideas spread through the country. This was what has been called Egypt’s “Liberal Age” and has been the subject of much study and nostalgia.

This talk asks what the 1920s and ‘30s look like when told from the perspective of its female nightlife entertainers – actresses, singers, and dancers – instead of its (male) politicians and intellectuals. Based on work for the forthcoming book 'Midnight in Cairo' (Saqi Books), it shows the radical steps that these women, usually from poor, rural backgrounds, took to make their voices heard as well as the prejudices and dangers that they often faced.

Raph Cormack has a PhD in Egyptian Theatre from The University of Edinburgh. He is the editor of 'The Book of Khartoum' (2017 with Max Shmookler) and 'The Book of Cairo' (2019). His book 'Midnight in Cairo: The Female Stars of Egypt's Roaring `20s' is forthcoming.

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