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The NVIC team consists of 16 regular members and several freelancers.

Regular staff of the NVIC

Dr Rudolf de Jong, Director  
Dr Ifdal Elsaket, Assistant Director and Programme Coordinator for Arabic Studies and Islam   
Dr Marleen De Meyer, Assistant Director and Programme Coordinator for Archaeology/Egyptology    
Ms Insaf Idrissi, Office Manager 

Ms Tine Lavent, MA, Librarian and Arabic Language Tutor 
Ms Noha Mostafa, BA, Assistant Librarian 

Teaching Staff
Mr Adel Abdel Moneim, MA, Arabic Language Tutor
Ms Ferida Jawad, MA, Arabic Language & Content Course Tutor

Ms Shahdan Ibrahim, BA, Liaison Officer 
Ms Jacqueline Malika , Assistant Administrator 
Ms Christine Kamel, BA, Secretary/Receptionist 
Mr Mushir Mikhail Tawfik, Driver 
Mr Ghaly Ayyad Ghaly, Housekeeping 
Mr Khaled Hussein Ahmed, Housekeeping 
Mr Hassan Fathi Abdel Meguid, Housekeeping
Mr Ali Gamal, Housekeeping 

Freelance staff

Ms Khawla Ello, Arabic Language Tutor     
Ms Heba El-Ramly, MA, Arabic Language Tutor 
Ms Amina Saleh, MA, Arabic Language Tutor
Mr Eduard Cousin, MA, Dutch Language Tutor
Ms Kirsten Dillen, Dutch Language Tutor

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