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The NVIC offers a wide range of services for scholars and students, which are available to the staff members, research fellows and students of the participating institutions at reduced cost.

Education & Research

Archaeological expeditions from the supporting institutions working in Egypt are assisted administratively and logistically by the institute. The NVIC facilitates the necessary contacts between the researchers and the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities.


Assistance to individual scholars and students from the supporting institutions who are visiting Cairo is given in the form of letters of introduction to libraries and institutions, as well as general and specific advice on individual research possibilities in Cairo.


The acquisition of books or periodicals published in Egypt can be arranged for scholars in the Netherlands and Flanders. The acquisition of photographs of manuscripts or museum objects in Cairo can also be arranged through the Institute. Reproductions obtained on microfiche may be consulted at the institute, where a microfiche reader is available.

Study trips

NVIC is regularly involved in the organisation of study trips from Dutch and Flemish universities or student organisations. Supporting acitivities include the identification of people and projects for the group to meet or visit, the organisation of lectures by Egyptian experts, general information about Egypt, advice about literature and preparation. The focus of our support is on the development of the academic content of the program. There are no limitations to the fields of study. We can also facilitate the practical organisation (hotels, transport, etc.) through our local travel agent.   

Thesis support

NVIC supports students who are carrying out fieldwork or write their (BA or MA) thesis in Egypt. This includes practical support (desk space, admission to libraries, collections and institutions, contacts, etc.) as well as academic support. Academic support depends on the expertise of the academic staff of the NVIC, and will always be coordinated with your own thesis advisor in the home institution. The advisor of the home institution will keep the final responsibility. We also welcome students who are interested to connect their thesis subject to research projects that are currently carried out at NVIC. The number of students we can support in this way is limited, so please contact the institute at an early stage.

Guest researchers

NVIC welcomes advanced researchers (post-MA) to be affiliated to the institute as guest researchers. We offer the following practical support: a work space with desk and computer, office support, access to our library, any administrative support regarding permissions for access to other institutes, libraries, applications for permits etc., as far as they fall within NVIC's scope of work. We are not able to offer financial support or residence permits. We expect guest researchers to contribute to the scholarly work at NVIC, for example by: presenting a lecture on your research project within the weekly lecture series, by supporting our academic staff with occasional advice, by writing a small report on your research project for our newsletter and by sharing your scholarly network with us. The number of desk spaces for guest researchers is limited, so please contact the institute at an early stage.  

Other facilities

The NVIC has several personal computers available for scholars of participating institutions doing research in Egypt, with possibilities of Arabic software, special fonts, printing and scanning facilities, etc. Internet- and E-mail facilities are available as well. 

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