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In their work people are increasingly required to use English or another foreign language: for instance in presentations, lectures, e-mails, reports and grant applications. This can sometimes lead to pressure or insecurity. In this context, the Academic Language Centre provides focused support in two ways: through a language coaching programme, which uses examples from work situations in order to improve specific language skills, or through incidental coaching, which focuses on practical support in a concrete situation.

  • Language Coaching Programme
  • Incidental Language Coaching
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Language Coaching Programme

The language coaching programme is meant to improve specific language skills, and it is based on real situations arising at work. The coach comes along as often as possible to observe, providing feedback and offering suggestions for improvement. The final goal of the coaching is to allow the participant to independently carry out the relevant tasks. The language coaching can be completed by means of an assessment. It is also possible to determine progress using a language portfolio.

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