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Reduction of single use coffee cups

The goal is to reduce single use coffee cup use both at the university cafés and cofee machines.

Current progress: The LUGO team has investigated the possibilities of receiving a small discount on your beverage when bringing your own reusable cup to the coffee machines ( similarly done at University Utrecht). However due to the main provider MAAS, this deemed to be impossibe on the short run. What we can still do as consumers is to ensure that we re-use our single use coffee cup. How? Read more about this topic here.

As for the university cafés, the LUGO team is working with the University Services Department ( Universitair Facilitair Bedrijf- UFB) on the launching of  sustainable reusable coffee cups at the university restaurants.

Another initiative, which has been also stimulated by the student parties ONS and LVS, is to increase the use of reusable cups. A pilot where coffee machines will accept our own coffee mugs will start in September 2020. Read more about this story here.

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