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Past Projects

Since the start of the Leiden University Green Office, several projects have been initiated to increase the awareness among staff and students and to make the university more sustainable. Read here about our finalized projects.

Past projects

In 2019, LUGO started a petition demanding an ambitious sustainability vision for 2030. This petition was  formulated based on what LUGO deemed achievable rather than based on the restrictions of the present. We believe that sustainability should be one of the core values of the next central policy plan of the University: the Institutional Plan 2021-2025.

Read the Climate Letter here.

The Executive Board of Leiden University has taken over the climate petition signed by more than 1,600 students. The Climate Call calls on the university to show decisiveness and ambition in the field of sustainability. The petition included a call to develop a sustainability vision for 2030 and to make sustainability one of the core ambitions in the new Institutional Plan including elements such as  operations, education and the frame of research.

With the involvement of employees, students and other parties such as LUGO, the university will start to develop a sustainability vision this academic year (2019-2020).

Read the response of the executive board of the university here (Dutch): Response_Climate_Call

As part of LUGO’s focus on responsible recycling of e-waste (electronic waste) we participated in the Funky Phone Challenge. For one month we battled against other research universities and universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands to collect as many mobile phones as possible. All the phones were collected in an e-waste arcade, meaning that in return for depositing a phone you could play a  fun game. After a fierce battle and some nerve-wracking last days LUGO came first in the competition! Thanks to the help of staff and students of Leiden University we collected 251 mobile phones, which have been recycled in a way that is good for the environment and for workers.

Join the Pipe is a project committed to reduce plastic waste and to provide people both in the Global South and in the Global North with drinkable water. Thanks to Join the Pipe we have not only provided many students with a reusable plastic bottle, but also with several water tap points across the university campuses.  The water tapping points you can find are also part of the drinking water project in the Madoya slum district in Nairobi, Kenya. Part of the income generated from the refill stations and multi-use bottles is used by Join the Pipe to set up drinking water projects in developing countries, bringing water to those without, handing out water bottles to school children for better hygiene, installing water pumps in villages and organising City Clean-Ups to tackle the plastic waste issue at source. So far Join the Pipe has made over 300 projects happen  in developing countries, if you want to know more you can click here.

Leiden University is supporting this action by selling waterbottles and installing taps in cooperation with the Green Office. The LUGO watterbottles are being sold at all 16 University cafeterias!

The water bottles are made in collaboration with the organization  Join the Pipe who have placed water points around Leiden University to make sure you are always close by a fresh water facility wherever you are on campus!

With the Join the Pipe water bottles and water points LUGO aims to reduce the plastic waste that arises from using disposable PET bottles. In addition to this, the Join the Pipe project provides clean water facilities in developing parts of Kenya.  At the moment you can find water points at these locations:

In April 2019 LUGO did a vegan challenge! We encourage you to join us in decreasing animal products from your diet and help contribute to a more sustainable world. You are of course welcome to explore these vegan recipes any time of the year!

In this document you will find our favorite vegan and vegetarian recipes, created and tested for you by our board members!

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