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Design Competition: Schouwburgstraat Community Garden

The Green Office wants to help start a community garden in the open patio space of the Schouwburgstraat buiding in the Hague.

LUGO views this as a great way to help increase biodiversity and sustainability at the Hague campus, in line with the vision of making the university more sustainable in both cities. With this in mind, LUGO has decided to organise a design competition for the students of the Urban Studies Programme (or anyone else with an eye for design), where they get a chance to design and plan what a sustainable community garden would look like. The winning design will then get implemented at the Schouwburgstraat building! 

Deadline: 17 June 2023.

Competition Criteria

  • Design has to be based on the outdoor patio space of the campus (photos above).
  • You can choose to work individually or in groups (of up to 5 people) to come up with a design-concept for a community garden and must be created with the specific space in mind.  
  • No restrictions in terms of the format. It can be a technical drawing, 3-D model, photographic collage, etc. However, the submitted design-concept must accompany a brief explanation of the design and the reasoning behind it.  
  • The focus on sustainability must be clearly defined in the concept.
  • Design must be made keeping a nominal budget of 1000 euros.      

Things to consider in your design

  • Types of plants, flowers and vegetation suitable for the space.  
  • Seating areas.  
  • Large trees or structures for shade.  
  • Walking paths.  
  • Bird houses.  
  • Display stands/poster wall (with additional rain cover) for putting up announcements, displaying art, etc.   
  • Rain barrel and irrigation system.   
  • Sustainable materials.  
  • Accessibility issues.   

Submission of designs and further enquiries should be sent to j.a.van.veen@bb.leidenuniv.nl. Please include 'Schouwburgstraat Community Garden Design Competition' in the subject line and include your name, Leiden University degree, and any other relevant details (besides your design) in the body of your email. 

Prizes: Those who submit a design will receive a participation prize, and the winners will be awarded a special prize along their  design being implemented in the Schouwburgstraat's outdoor patio space!

Deadline: 17 June 2023. Good luck!

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