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On Decay: Autumn Photography Competition 2022!

The Leiden University Green Office is pleased to announce its Autumn Photography competition, on the theme: Decay.

The art and medium of photography has long been associated with preservation, remembrance and death. To capture a photo is to crystallise a moment in time and by virtue of that — in the material world. Photographs immortalise that which once was, allowing them to live in our memory forever, unchanged and unscathed. In this way, photography often evades death and decay. 

Nature on the contrary,  tells us stories through its decaying remnants, capturing the absence of what once was. Decay in nature forces us to confront the inevitability of death through its many transient forms. In our contemporary society riddled with ecological crises, is it possible to remember the natural world through its very decomposition? And if so, can we perhaps find hope for newer beginnings in this demise? How do we choose to remember nature without emphasising its liveness and immortality? What hidden stories might decaying objects in nature reveal to us? 

This Autumn we invite you to reflect, ruminate, and respond to these questions through your own photographic work. 

The theme is quite abstract, so we encourage you to freely express how you personally interpret it. There are no limitations on the style, type, or format of photographs you submit. 

Information to keep in mind: 

  • Theme: Decay
  • Submissions open: October 10th . Deadline: November 2
  • No limitations on photographic mediums: surprise us!
  • Description / Justification required. (Language: English).
  • Students, alumni, and members of staff affiliated to Leiden University are eligible to submit photography to the competition. 
  • Submit your work to communication@lugo.leidenuniv.nl. Please include "Autumn Photography Competition Submission” in the subject line and include your name, Leiden University degree, and any relevant details in the body of your email (including whether or not you wish your submission to be anonymous).  
  • Prize: to be announced. Accepted submissions will be published on the LUGO Press (link). Winning submissions will be further highlighted. 
  • Save the date. Requiem for nature: A photographic exhibition on decay + award ceremony and dinner coming this November, to be announced.

Judging criteria: 

  • No limitations on photographic mediums: surprise us!
  • Piece description / justification. 
  • Relevance to the theme: Decay.
  • Connection to topics of sustainability and environment. 
  • Originality / Creative interpretation of theme. 

Interested but don’t know where to start? Join us on the 10th of October for our themed photo walk (if it rains, bring a raincoat). Sign up here.

For more information, or if you have further questions, feel free to contact: communication@lugo.leidenuniv.nl. 

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