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The team consists of


Dr. Quentin Bourgeois

Quentin is assistant professor in European prehistory. His main interests are funerary archaeology combined with network analysis and GIS approaches in later prehistory. He is currently a member of de Jonge Akademie. A full profile can be found here: Quentin Bourgeois.

Dr. Karsten Lambers

Karsten is is head of the Digital Archaeology research group and of the Department of Archaeological Sciences. Karsten’s research interests range from surveying, 3D recording, and remote sensing to modelling, spatial analysis, and digital image analysis. Currently his main research focus is on archaeological prospection, namely the automated detection of archaeological traces in remote sensing data. Read more on Karsten's expertise on the faculty website: Karsten Lambers

Wouter Verschoof-van der Vaart

Wouter’s research interests lie in the practical application of remote sensing techniques (such as aerial photography, geophysics, and LIDAR). In his PhD, he is working on combining Citizen Science, Deep Learning, and GIS for the automated detection of multiple classes archaeological objects in remotely sensed data.  For more on his research see: Wouter Verschoof-van der Vaart

Dr. Eva Kaptijn

Eva is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Heritage Quest project. Eva’s research interest include citizen science, public engagement, landscape archaeology, man-environment interactions, ancient water management as well as ancient climate change mitigation and its relevance for modern-day adaptions. For more info or how to contact her see: Eva Kaptijn / Eva Kaptijn (LEU)

Anton Cruijsheer

Anton is heritage program manager at Landschap Erfgoed Utrecht and active in the field of heritage and innovation. He likes to make people enjoy the heritage and stories of the province of Utrecht, especially by involving them directly. Contact Anton here: Anton Cruijsheer

Roel Kramer

Roel is responsible for heritage management and public archaeology at Erfgoed Gelderland. He focuses on connecting archaeological knowledge and the wider public. Want to know more about Roel's work or contact him? Follow this link: Roel Kramer

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