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Heritage Quest Junior

This project introduces primary school children (8-12 years) to science and archaeology.

In April 2020 the Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency and Leiden University initiated spin-off from the Heritage Quest project specifically aimed at children between the ages of 8 and 12 years old to introduce them to both archaeology and science. 

Not a game

The children's project is part of the same citizen science platform as the standard Heritage Quest project, i.e. Zooniverse. Moreover, the children conduct the same tasks as the adults, only the descriptions and background information is simplified. Like the adults they inspect the elevation maps looking for traces of burial mounds and Celtic fields. It is thus not a game, but they participate in real scientific research. In this way primary school children get introduced to both science and archaeology.

In class

A method that enables primary school teachers to use the project in class is being developed. This will allow citizen science to be conducted in the class room and teach children about the principles of conducting scientific research and introduce them to past communities and the heritage that they left behind.

Join the search

Visit the website and participate: Heritage Quest Junior

The project focusses on schools in the Netherlands and is at the moment only available in Dutch.

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