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Presentation formats

Please find below information regarding oral and poster presentations.

Oral Presentations:  Each presentation is allotted 15 minutes (recommended: 12 minutes for the talk and 3 minutes for discussion).
Poster Presentations: The size of the boards is 100 cm by 125 cm in their entirety. We will arrange them vertically.

The recommended poster size is A0, with dimensions of 84.1 cm in width and 118.9 cm in height.

You have the flexibility to orient your poster either horizontally or vertically within the fixed dimensions, allowing you to choose the best layout for your content.

Additionally, the poster boards are supplied with special adhesive strips, ensuring your poster is securely displayed.

Please consult the presentation guidelines for more detailed information.

Please download the logo of Speech Prosody 2024 - Leiden if you would like to add to your presentation.

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