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These researchers turn mathematical models into healthcare solutions

Two Leiden researchers have demonstrated how mathematics can improve our healthcare. Daniel Gomon has developed a model that contributes to the quality of care in hospitals. Marta Spreafico works on an app that helps physicians make well-informed decisions about the treatment of a certain type of cancer. ‘It’s great when statistical models can be applied to medical problems.’

How cells talk by pulling on a fibre network

Mechanics play a larger role in blood vessel formation than previously thought. Cells appear to respond to mechanical signals, such as pressure. Through the extracellular matrix, a network of fibrous proteins, cells can supposedly exchange those mechanical signals over long distances. To better understand how the cells and matrix influence each other, Leiden mathematicians and biologists joined forces to develop a simulation model.

How to make cryptographic techniques more efficient?

‘Zero-knowledge proofs are techniques that allow someone to prove that they know a secret without revealing that secret.’

Sharing scientific data, transferring money, or sending other sensitive information online: with cryptography, applications make sure your data does not fall into the wrong hands. Mathematician Thomas Attema helps with this. For his PhD research, he developed a new technique to make data encryption even more efficient.

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