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How a pathogenic bacterium searches for food

The bacteria in our mouths not only form plaque, but sometimes they can even cause unpleasant gum inflammations. The bacterium Treponema denticola can also be a dangerous pathogen. However, not much is known about it. Ariana Briegel and her research group changed that.


Making sustainable rose smell with yeast

Sustainable rose smell that can be produced on a large scale. Biologist Tobias Fecker created this possibility during his master's thesis. He focuses on yeast. ‘The main point of this is that production using microorganisms is more sustainable than chemical production. We need less harmful chemicals, and also the byproducts are less harmful for the environment.’ 


Adapting to climate change: mutation enables flour beetles to speed up their development

‘Our research can help figure out which insects we need to worry about and which ones we don’t.’

Leiden biologists have found a mutation in flour beetles that allows them to speed up their development. They think that more insects can change their growth rate, which could help them adjust to climate change.

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