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Moons Beyond the Solar System

Saturday 23 March 2019
Tickets starting at €4.
Oude Sterrewacht
Sterrenwachtlaan 11
2311 GW Leiden

There are over 170 moons in our Solar System, ranging from ice worlds through to rocky surfaces, and more than one shows signs of geysers and one with volcanic activity. It's reasonable to assume that around many of the thousands of planets discovered orbiting around other stars in our Galaxy, that they have moons too.
50 years after the Moon landings we are close to confirming the presence of exomoons around other planets outside the Solar system. I will present the different ways we are looking for exomoons, what they can tell us about how planets and moons form, and speculate when we will make the first positive detection.

Kaiser Spring Lectures

Every year the student association L.A.D. "F. Kaiser" organises a series of four lectures. This years theme is Back to the Moon.

All lectures start at 14:00 in the inconic Kaiser Room. Coffee and tea will be served between 13:15 and 14:00. 

For just €4 you can join us at the lectures! For an additional €4, you can join a tour through the historic observatory.


We strongly recommend travelling to the Old Observatory by public transport. If you want to visit by car, you can find the available options on our contact page.

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