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Educational Resources

To engage communities with the NEXUS1492 research process and results, the project has developed and disseminated evidence-based educational resources on indigenous Caribbean heritage, including the Teaching Indigenous Heritage and History, the Seascapes Activity guides. The project has offered teacher training opportunities around these resources in the Caribbean and beyond.

Seascape Guide For Schools In The Caribbean

“Connecting Canoes: Understanding Seascapes in the Classroom”, is educational material that has been produced under the auspices of the ERC Synergy NEXUS1492 Project. This booklet contains information about the concept of seascapes and its application for setting up activities in your classrooms. We have designed this material in a combined collaboration with specialists in the field of archaeology and education. The worksheets you will find were used in a real school setting with teachers of primary and secondary schools in participatory activities with the school communities of Monte Cristi and Valverde (Dominican Republic) in 2015.  After the experience with teachers we decided to design a booklet to support teachings about the lifeways of the Amerindians in pre-Columbian times using a seascapes approach.

We would like to invite you to use this material to complement your lessons of Social Studies, History, and Geography. In addition, you will find worksheets for primary or secondary school; in this way you can select the worksheet more accurate for your students age-group. Now you are ready to check out the material! You will find the booklet with the activities we have designed  in your classroom, and separately we have made available the set of worksheets for each primary and secondary school. You can download and print them to hand out to your students!

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Publication information

E.O. Con Aguilar, E.R. Slayton, and C.L. Hofman. 2017. “Connecting Canoes: Understanding seascapes in the Classroom. New approached to studying Caribbean history & social studies”. Nexus 1492 New World Encounters in a Globalising World.