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Combined trace element and multiple isotopic ration analysis of minute samples for the provenance of raw materials in an Art history and Archaoelogy context.

Author(s): G.R. Davies, J.M. Koornneef, A.C.S. Knaf, M. Klaver, H. Baija, J. van Bennekom, I. Garachon, P. Noble, A. Pappot, W. de Ridder, A. Slaczka, G. Tauber, A. Wallert, R. van Langh

Conference: Technart 2015: Non-destructive and microanalytical techniques in art and cultural heritage

Date: 27.04—30.04


A multi-isotopic and trace elemental approach to provenance Caribbean greenstone artefacts in an essentiallly non-destructive way: Implications for pre- and post-colonial exchange and mobility networks.

Author(s): A.C.S. Knaf, J.M. Koornneef, C.L. Hofman, and G.R. Davies

Conference: International Eclogite Conference (IEC) 2015

Date: 30.01 — 08.02

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