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Phd Dissertations

On this page you will find all the titles with links to the dissertations of NEXUS1492 teammembers. If you have any questions or comment regarding the contents of this page, please email Emma de Mooij at demooij[at]kitlv.nl


  • Ciofalo, Andy 2020. "Starchy foodways: Surveying indigenous peoples’ culinary practices prior to the advent of European invasions in the Greater Caribbean." Phd diss., Leiden University.

    Andy's dissertation is not yet available online, but consist of several published articles. You can find those articles on the Publications page of this website.

  • Gill, Cameron. 2020. "Brimstone Sea and Sand: The historical archaeology of the Port of Sandy Point and its anchorage, St. Kitts, West Indies." Phd diss., Leiden University.

    Link to Cameron's dissertation.

  • Guzzo Falci, Catarina. 2020. "Indigenous adornment in the circum-Caribbean: The production, use, and exchange of bodily ornaments through the lenses of the microscope." Phd diss., Leiden University.

    Catarina's dissertation is not available online, but consist of several published articles. You can find those articles on the Publications page of this website. 


  • Con Aguilar, Eldris. 2019. "Heritage education – memories of the past in the present Caribbean social studies curriculum: A view from teacher practice." Phd diss., Leiden University.

    Link to Eldris's dissertation

  • Breukel, Thomas W. 2019. "Tracing interactions in the indigenous Caribbean through a biographical approach: Microwear and material culture across the historical divide (AD 1200 – 1600)." Phd diss., Leiden University.

    Link to Tom's dissertation

  • Jean, Joseph S. 2019. La biographie d’un paysage: Etude sur les transformations de longue durée du paysage culturel de la région de Fort-Liberté, Haiti. Leiden : Sidestone Press.

    Link to Sony's dissertation

  • Kulstad, Pauline. 2019. Hispaniola – hell or home ? Decolonizing grand narratives about intercultural interactions at Concepción de la Vega (1494-1564). Phd diss., Leiden University.

    Link to Pauline's dissertation

  • Paulsen, Eva. 2019. Everything has its jaguar: A narratological approach to conceptualizing Caribbean Saladoid animal imagery. Phd diss., Leiden University.

    Link to Eva's dissertation

  • Pesoutova, Jana. 2019. Indigenous ancestors and healing landscapes: Cultural memory and intercultural communication in the Dominican Republic and Cuba. Leiden: Sidestone Press.

    Link to Jana's dissertation

  • Stelten, Ruud. 2019. From golden rock to historic gem: A historical archaeological analysis of the maritime cultural landscape of St. Eustatius, Dutch Caribbean. Leiden: Sidestone Press.

    Link to Ruud's dissertation


  • Ariese-Vandemeulebroucke, Csilla. 2018. The social museum in the Caribbean: Grassroots heritage initiatives and community engagement. Leiden: Sidestone Press.

    Link to Csilla's dissertation

  • Athenstadt, Jan C. 2018. "Reconstruction and Visualization of Archaological Networks." Phd diss., University of Konstanz.

    Link to Jan's dissertation

  • Garderen, Mereke van. 2018. "Pictures of the Past – Visualization and visual analysis in archaeological context." Phd diss., University of Konstanz.

    Link to Mereke's dissertation

  • Herrera Malatesta, Eduardo. 2018. Una isla, dos mundos: Estudio arqueológico sobre el paisaje indígena de Haytí y su transformación al paisaje colonial de La Espaniola (1200 – 1500). Leiden: Sidestone Press.

    Link to Eduardo's dissertation

  • Kootker, Lisette M. 2018. "Isotopenonderzoek naar het paleodieet en mobiliteit van vijf menselijke individuen uit Bronstijd West-Friesland, SL2016-11." Phd diss., Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

    Lisette's dissertation is not available online

  • Slayton, E.R. 2018. Seascape Corridors: Modeling routes to connect communities across the Caribbean Sea. Leiden: Sidestone Press.

    Link to Emma's dissertation

  • Stancioff, Charlotte Eloise. 2018. Landscape, land-change and well-being in the Lesser Antilles: Case studies from St. Kitts and the Kalingo Territory, Dominica. Leiden: Sidestone Press.

    Link to Eloise's dissertation


  • Corcoran-Tadd, Noa E, 2017. "Tambos and the Andean Longue Durée: Landscapes of Mobility in Far Southern Peru." Phd diss., Harvard University. 

    Link to Noa's dissertation

  • Duijvenbode, Anne van, 2017. "Facing Society: A study of identity through head shaping practices among the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean in the Ceramic Age and Colonial Period." Phd diss., Leiden University.

    Link to Anne's dissertation

  • Espersen, Ryan. 2017. "Better than we: Landscapes and materialities of race, class, and gender in pre-emancipation colonial Saba, Dutch Caribbean." PhD diss., Leiden University.

    Link to Ryan's dissertation


  • Favre, Maroussia. 2016. "Modeling social interactions and their effects on individual decision making." Phd diss., ETH Zurich.

    Link to Maroussia's dissertation


  • Borck, Lewis S., 2016. "Lost Voices Found: An Archaeology of Contentious Politics in the Greater Southwest, A.D. 1100 - 1450." Phd diss., The University of Arizona. 

    Link to Lewis's dissertation


  • Bel, Martijn van den. 2015. Archaeological investigations between Cayenne Island and the Maroni River: A cultural sequence of western coastal French Guiana from 5000 BP to present. Leiden: Sidestone Press.

    Link to Martijn's dissertation


  • Mol, A.A.A. 2014. Connecting the Caribbean: A socio-material network approach to patterns of homogeneity and diversity in the pre-colonial period. Leiden: Sidestone Press.

    Link to Angus's dissertation


  • Habiba, 2013. Finding crictical individuals for diffusion in dynamic populations networks. Phd diss., University of Illinois at Chicago.

    Link to Habiba's dissertation

  • Micklebrugh, Hayley. 2013. "Reading the Dental Record: A dental anthropological approach to foodways, health and disease, and crafting the pre-Columbian Caribbean." Phd diss., Leiden University.

    Link to Hayley's dissertation

  • Ulloa Hung, Jorge. 2013. Arqueología en la línea noroeste de la Espanola: Paisaje, cerámicas e intracciones. Santo Domingo: Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Dominigo.

    Link to Jorge's dissertation


  • Holstein, Isabella C.C. von. 2012. "A light stape isotope (C, N, H, O) approach to identifying movement of medieval textiles in North West Europe." Phd diss., University of York.

    Link to Isabella's dissertation

  • Laffoon, Jason E. 2012. “Isotopic research in the Ancient Caribbean.” Phd diss., Leiden University.

    Link to Jason's dissertation

  • Linde, Sjoerd, van de. 2012. “Digging holes abroad: An ethnography of Dutch archaeological research projects abroad.” Phd diss., Leiden University.

    Link to Sjoerd's dissertation

  • Mans, Jimmy L.J.A. 2012. Amotopoan Trails, A recent archaeology of Trio movements. Leiden: Sidestone Press.

    Link to Jimmy's dissertation

  • Shafie, Termeh. 2012. "Statistical Analysis of Multigraphs." Phd diss., Stockholm University.

    Link to Termeh's dissertation

  • Strecker, Amy. 2012. "Landscape as Public Space: The role of international and EU law in the protection of landscape in Europe." Phd diss., European University Institute.

    Link to Amy's dissertation

  • Valcárcel Rojas, Roberto. 2012. “El cementerio de Chorro de Maita, Cuba.” Phd diss., Leiden University.

    Link to Roberto's dissertation


  • Amati, V. 2011. "New statistics for the parameters estimation of the stochastic actor-oriented model for network change." Phd diss., University of Milano Bicocca.

    Link to Viviana's dissertation

  • Bright, Alistair. 2011. Blood is thicker than water: Inter-insular relationships in the southern Lesser Antilles. Leiden: Sidestone Press.

    Link to Alistair's dissertation

  • Sonnemann, Till F. 2011. "Angkor underground: Applying GPR to analyse the diachronic structure of a great urban complex." Phd diss., The University of Syndey.

    Link to Till's dissertation


  • Koornneef, Janne. 2010. U-series constraints on melt generation and magma evolution. Phd diss., ETH-Zurich.

    Link to Janne's dissertation

  • Samson, Alice V.M. 2010. (Re)-construction of the houses at El Cabo, Dominican Republic. Leiden: Sidestone Press.

    Link to Alice's dissertation


  • Francozo, Mariana. 2009. De Olinda a Olanda: Johan Maurits van Nassau-Siegen e a circulacao de sabers no Atlantico Holandes (seculos XVII). Brazil: Campinas.

    Link to Mariana's dissertation


  • Schroeder, Hannes. 2008. African Slavery and Forced Migration to Barbados: An Isotopic Perspective. Phd diss., University of Oxford.

    Link to Hannes's dissertation


  • Lammers-Keysers, Yvonne. 2007. “Tracing traces from present to past: a functional analysis of pre-Columbian shell and stone artefacts from Anse à la Gourde and Morel, Guadeloupe.” Phd diss., Leiden University.

    Link to Yvonne's dissertation


  • Knippenberg, Sebastiaan. 2006. “Stone artefact production and exchange among the northern Lesser Antilles.” Phd diss., Leiden University.

    Link to Sebastiaan's dissertation

  • Waal, Maaike de. 2006. “Pre-Columbian social organisation and interaction interpreted through the study of settlement patterns.” Phd diss., Leiden University.


  • Pagán-Jiménez, Jaime R. 2005. "Estudio interpretativo de la cultura botánica de dos comunidades precolombinas antillanas: La Hueca y Punta Candelero, Puerto Rico." Phd diss., Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

    Link to Jaime's dissertation


  • Weston, Darlene A. 2004. "Approaches to the investigation of periosteal new bone formation in palaeopathology." Phd diss., University College London.

    Link to Darlene's dissertation


  • Boomert, Arie. 2000. “Trinidad, Tobago and the lower Orinoco Interaction Sphere, an archaeological/ethnohistorical study.” PhD diss., Leiden University.

    Arie's dissertation is not available online

  • Mackowiak de Antczak, Maria Magdalena. 2000. “Idols in exile: Making sense of prehistoric human pottery figurines from Dos Mosquises Island, Los Roques archipelago, Venezuela.” PhD diss., University College London.

    Link to Marlena's dissertation


  • Antczak, Andrzej, T. 1998. “Late prehistoric economy and society of The islands off the coast of Venezuela: a contextual interpretation of the non-ceramic evidence.” PhD diss., University College London.

    Link to Andrzej's dissertation



  • Hoogland, Menno L.P. 1996. “In search of the native population of Pre-Columbian Saba (400-1450 A.D.). Part Two. Settlements in their natural and social environment.” PhD diss., Leiden University.

    Link to Menno's dissertation


  • Hofman, Corinne L. 1993. “In search of the native population of pre-Columbian Saba (400-1450 A.D.). Part One. Pottery styles and their interpretations.” PhD diss., Leiden University.

    Link to Corinne's dissertation



  • Davies, Gareth R. 1983. "Isotopic evolution of the British Lithosphere." Phd diss., Open University UK

    Gareth's dissertation is not available online
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