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Educational vision

Read here what we find important in our education.

Our education matches our research vision. Fundamental, knowledge-generating research is at our core, also in our teaching. We are a research-methodological program, not about a particular research topic.

Projects encourage students to create “products”. These can be physical things, but also stories, film, software, performance, visualizations, etc. The process of researching while creating the product is as important as the product itself.

Students are encouraged to draw knowledge available throughout Leiden University and other institutes. Both “accent courses” and “elective courses” leave room for individual shaping of personal interest.

Our staff and students together form a research community, in which ideas are openly shared and discussed. Students are encouraged to publish their course products at relevant conferences, journals and festivals. See what our students published in our publication list.

The program is completely taught in the English language, enabling participation of students and lecturers from diverse nationalities and backgrounds. We are open to students from different topical backgrounds, including humanities, sciences, arts, engineering and social sciences.

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