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Education highlights

These aspects make the Media Technology MSc program unique:

All our students go on a study trip to the Ars Electronica Festival in Austria, the world’s leading forum on electronic art, technology and society. Works from hundreds of artists and scientists are presented in exhibitions, demonstrations, performances, lectures, symposia, concerts, films, and more.
The study trip is co-organized with the ArtScience program.

We educate researchers. To understand what it means to be a researcher and what it could mean, we have several academic formation courses: Research Fundamentals, Playful & Creative Science, and Sciences and Humanities.

To understanding the (im-)possibilities of technology, one must understand its human context. For this students learn from courses about Human Computer Interaction, Non-human Cognition, Sound, Space & Interaction, and Artificial Creatures.

In the course Exhibition: Science 2 Experience, students learn to communicate scientific insights by means of a designed experience instead of the written paper. They create audience experiences, such as installations and performances, that are hosted in a public exhibition. A great skill for future researchers.

Digital technology is not just a problem solver, but a medium in its own right. Proper technology exploration requires understanding of what a medium was, is, and can be.
To enable students in this, they are exposed to courses as Creative Programming and Hardware & Physical Computing, but also Essentials in Art and Music and Meta Media.

Exhibition RETURN
Photo impression of the student works exhibition "RETURN" (click on above photo)
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