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Reading Club

The Reading Club is a sub-association of ProParte.


To discuss selected books


Only female ProParte members



Contact person

Magda van der Grijn

The reading group consists of ten women who meet at each other’s homes at 20.00 on the third Tuesday of the month. We meet nine times per year, skipping July, August and December. We decide together which books we will read and discuss.

A new reading year begins in September with a shared meal that everyone contributes to: with victuals but also with something for between the courses such as an anecdote, some music, a poem, a travel story or likewise. It is a great chance to tell the others all about our holidays and to catch up on all the news.

Annual report 2020

In the first months of 2020, we thought we’d be rid of coronavirus in no time, but once it transpired that it would be with us for longer, we tried our hand at Zoom. That proved rather tricky and we gave up at first, but we persevered and gradually got used to it. The next time we tried, everyone was issued with instructions and welcomed with a cheer as they arrived. We stuck to talking about how we were coping with the pandemic. The next few times took the following format: a round robin where those who wanted to could talk about whatever took their fancy. Then one of us would speak about a book that they had read.

The next time we meet up on our screens we are going to try to discuss a book that we’ve all read. That will require some familiarity with the system, someone in charge and a bit of discipline. We all have it in us and have every faith in the future.

But... we’ll be so glad when we can see one another ‘in real life’ once again.

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