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Museum club

The Museum club is a sub-group of ProParte.


Visit museums in the region, on a monthly basis under the guidance of an expert or with an audio tour. 


Open for all ProParte members; new members are welcome


€ 50 / year

Preparation committee Mieke Popma
Nel Rooijmans
Wytske Timmerman

Contact person

Wytske Timmerman

2021 annual report

In the first half of 2021, we were still in lockdown and a museum visit was out of the question. When the restrictions were eased, it was summer and the period for museum visits was over. In September 2021 we visited a museum for the first time in over a year and a half. Our first visit with a guided tour was to Volkenkunde Leiden with the Aztec exhibition. In October we went to the Golden Coach exhibition in the Amsterdam Museum. Unfortunately, we had to cancel a visit to Museum Beelden aan Zee as coronavirus reappeared. The number of members of the museum club is decreasing due to people moving and illness and death. However, a few new members have joined. We hope to be able to visit museums regularly again in the coming year.

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