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About us

Information about the association and the board.


ProParte was founded on 11 January 2017 as a merger of the Association of Professors (HOLEC) and the Association of Spouses and Partners of Professors (VROLEC) at Leiden University, which were previously separate organisations.
Read more about the history of our association.


The board of ProParte comprises: 

Chair: Prof. Caesar Sterk
Vice-Chair: Vacancy
Treasurer: Prof. Ruurd Halbertsma
(assisted by José Tieleman-Shamier)
Secretary: Hans Teunissen
(assisted by Aty van der Leden)
Member: Prof. Tineke Abma


Privacy regulations mean that it is not possible to make the list of members accessible for non-members. It is for this reason that the list is not available on this ProParte website. Any members of ProParte who would like to organise activities, or for some other reason would like to have access to the list of members are invited to contact the secretary of ProParte


Professors associated with Leiden University and their spouse/partner can become members of ProParte by applying to the board (proparte.leiden@gmail.com). The annual membership fee is € 22.50 per person. 


ProParte has a number of sub-associations that have been set up by members to organise specific actitvities. This website gives you an overview of these sub-associations, what they do, for whom they are accessible, and how and to whom you should apply for further information.
Overview of sub-associations


The statutes of the ProParte association (in Dutch)

Annual publications

Charities supported by ProParte

  • Restoration of the 11th-century Arabic manuscript Materia Medica in the University Library
  • Maintaining the exhibition space at the National Herbarium
  • Restoring ancient manuscripts in the University Library
  • Restoring the organ in the Great Auditorium
  • Restoring the seats in the Bibliotheca Thysiana
  • The adoption of a Leiden jar in the Boerhaave museum
  • Restoring the murals on the wall outside the "Sweat Room" in the Academy Building
  • Restoring mathematical models
  • The organisation of a University room in the renovated Museum De Lakenhal
  • Restoring the Blaeu Atlas in Bibliotheca Thysiana

ProParte is currently dealing with a number of applications for financial support. 


ProParte privacy statement (in Dutch)