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Pre-University College PRE The Hague

Do you have a curious character and do you want to know how knowledge is sought at the university? Do you want to acquire knowledge and skills that could not only be important for your everyday life, but could also mean a lot for your future? Then the Pre-University College The Hague is definitely for you!

The university is a place where for centuries young people have been gathering to exchange knowledge, collect and to gain skills. A university forms a huge network of students and teachers that can help you shape not only what concerns you now, but also in your future. You learn to tap into the right sources and networks of knowledge so that you can influence the world in a positive way.

Interdisciplinary and focused on the future

At the university, scientists conduct research on every possible topic you can think of. That research usually starts with a question about how the world could be formed. In The Hague, scientists conduct do research that combines different disciplines. For example, they look at big cities, different cultures, politics and transnational security from different disciplines. 

In a world where countries are more connected than ever, the character of PRE The Hague is equally groundbreaking. During the lectures, contemporary topics are covered that invite you to form new insights. Collaboration is an important skill that you will learn to develop further: for solving the challenges of our time, collaboration is indispensable after all, both in science and beyond.

Socially oriented

Pre-University College The Hague is intended for senior secondary school students from the Hague region. The curriculum is closely linked to themes relating to The Hague as a national and international centre of peace, security, law, culture and governance.

Because the emphasis in PRE The Hague is on researching and educating about social issues, you will gain insight into what contribution you, as a future researcher, can make to society. For instance, you will devise solutions to a local problem with a social partner, and you will learn which research methods are suitable for the questions you have.

You can learn more about how to apply on the application page. This page exists solely in Dutch.

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