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Regulations & facilities

To make the PRE run smoothly for everyone, there are a number of rules and various facilities that Leiden University uses.

On this page you will find some important rules about your personal information and what to do if you are ill.

PLEASE NOTE: this information only applies to vwo high school students taking the Pre-University College. Different guidelines apply to undergraduate and graduate students. For more information, please visit the student website.


It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the PRE office always has his or her correct address (this is the address at which one is reached most easily and quickly). Address changes should be communicated to the PRE office directly.


PRE students are present during all education commitments. Teachers present an attendance list at each lecture, which is signed by the students present. The PRE office is notified of absences, for example due to illness, no later than 9:30 am on the day of the lecture. This can be done by phone on 071 527 66 60. If there is no answer, an e-mail can be sent to pre@ha.leidenuniv.nl, stating the student's name, the lecture that will be missed and the reason for the absence. PRE students must also report their absences to the PRE mentor at school. The PRE office also reports absences to the high schools of absent students.


Participants in education (oriented) activitaties of Leiden University are covered by Leiden University's liability insurance. 

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