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For whom?

The Pre-University College The Hague is a new programme of the Honours Academy for high school students. If your school is in the list below, it means you can apply for the Pre-University College The Hague.

Is PRE The Hague something for me?

The Pre-University College The Hague is for you if you recognise yourself in the following points: 

  • you are highly motivated, have broad interests, and have an inquisitive attitude;
  • you are able to follow an extra programme in addition to your regular school obligations;
  • you would like to get involved in a practical way to make the city of The Hague safer, cleaner and more liveable;
  • your have a sufficient command of Dutch to be able to follow the greater part of the programme in this language;
  • your English is good enough to be able to follow part of the programme in this language;
  • you enjoy meeting other students with similar interests;
  • you are in 4 vwo at the time of application; 
  • your school is affiliated to the Pre-University College The Hague of Leiden University (see overview below); 
  • you have at least a 7.5 average on your report card and you expect to finish the school year with at least a 7.5.


Below is an overview of schools with which the Pre-College has a contract.

Please note: this only applies to PRE-College The Hague. Different conditions apply for PRE Leiden. Students from all secondary schools in the Netherlands can participate in the PRE-Classes!

Partner schools PRE The Hague

Is your school not listed? This list will be updated regularly with new schools. You can also check out the Pre-University College Leiden or the Pre-University Classes.

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