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Online catalogue

Consult the online catalogue of the NVIC Library.

Categories in the Catalogue

A: General: Reference works (handbooks, standard books on the history of literature, encyclopaedias, libraries), dictionaries, bibliographies, concordances on Qur’ān and hadīth, catalogues (e.g. of manuscripts), congress acts, collections of articles 

B: Islam: Qur’ān, hadīth, fiqh, tafsīr, religions in general, philosophy, mystics, islamic law 

C: Linguistics: Arabic Linguistics, grammar books, comparative linguistics, classical dictionaries, sociolinguistics 

D: Literature: Arabic literature and handbooks, translations, essays (various subjects) 

E: History, politics: Egypt, Middle East, international relations, oil politics, ideologies (liberation movements, nationalism) 

F: Art: General, plastic arts, archaeology of the islamic world, numismatics, architecture, calligraphy, music, dance, cinema, theatre 

G: Sciences: Mathematics, astrology, geography, technology, early translations from the Greek language, agriculture, water politics, environment, law, economics, taxes, trade, shipping, yearbooks, health, education, travel reports, tourist guides 

S: Social sciences: Sociology, anthropology, folklore, society studies, housing, migration, slavery, ethnic and religious minorities, psychology, women studies, culture, development cooperation, management, bureaucracy, industry, trade unions, journalism, human rights, refugees 

H:Ancient Egyptian: dictionaries, reference works 

I: Ancient Egypt: general 

K: Coptic studies

L: Ancient Nubia, Sudan 

M: Graeco-Roman Egypt 

N: Ancient Near East 

GF: Large sized publications 

Series: Arabic studies, Ancient Egypt and Coptic studies  

NL/VL: The Netherlands and Flanders Periodicals and newspaper collection 



Offprints and excavation reports
In addition to an outstanding book collection and a rich magazine archive, the NVIC library has a humble number of offprints, excavation reports, and conservation reports in its possession. Aside from consulting our catalogue to see what it is we have, you can also browse through the following lists.
Excavation reports

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