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Korean 3

Target group
Start level
Target level
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September, February
Language of instruction

Online course

This is an online course. To be able to participate in this course, you are advised to use a headset with microphone. To check that everything is working properly, please use: Quick Tech Check

Course description

The Korean 3 course requires prior knowledge of the language. All skills are covered: speaking, listening, writing and reading. In addition, the course focuses on vocabulary and grammar. Making use of practical situations, participants can practice both informal and professional language use. Furthermore, society and culture are also covered. Every lesson includes homework and preparation of approximately three hours in total.

The course is concluded with a written test. A certificate is awarded if the test is completed successfully and the participant has attended 80% of the lessons.

Course material

  • Sogang Korean COMPACT SERIES 1. Student’s Book. Seoul: Sogang University Press. ISBN 9788992491709. Unit 8 – Unit 14 (pp.124-179).
  • Sogang Korean COMPACT SERIES 1. Work Book. Seoul: Sogang University Press. ISBN 9791161630021.

The course material is not included in the registration fee. Course participants are required to purchase course materials themselves.

The course material is available from multiple suppliers, some foreign, that ship to the Netherlands. The books are also available at bol.com

If you're planning on starting Korean 1 or 2, we advise you to order the books in a timely matter that takes the delivery time into consideration.
Sogang Korean Compact Series 1 can be used for the courses Korean 1, 2 and 3.

Target group and admission requirements

The course is intended for adults with a higher education diploma, including both students and staff members of Leiden University, as well as interested parties who have no connection to Leiden University.

The course is open to any person aged 17 or older with a completed secondary school education.

Other information

  • The maximum number of participants for this course is 12.
  • The course load is 56 hours. On request a Course load declaration form can be issued. The student should enquire with their department whether course participation can be converted into credits.
  • The holiday periods can be found in the Academic Language Centre's academic calendar.
  • If classes are cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, they will be added on to the end of the course. Please take into account courses may end later than scheduled.
  • The course level is indicated with the help of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
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