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Stories of solidarity during COVID-19

Full title

The many faces of food markets during COVID-19: Stories of solidarity and change through and with food

Project description

Food relations (through circulation, exchange, recycling and waste) represent the embodiment of our relation to the environment. This project aims to visualize, conceptually and methodologically, the constellations of meanings derived from practices of solidarity taking place in food markets in Leiden and The Hague. The team of researchers is exploring the meanings of solidarity associated to practices of exchanging food, and therefore the role markets play, not only as infrastructures of exchange, but also potentially care and solidarity. This is particularly relevant today, when the urban experience is challenged by social distance regulations. The aim of the project is to generate conceptual, methodological and societal relevant contributions to current debates about why and how local responses are important in times of global (health) crisis. By actively engaging with storytelling, visual and participatory action research methodologies, the expectation is to elucidate how these experiences can contribute to alternative and sustainable narratives of solidarity in the city in times of crisis. This will be achieved by, at the end of the project, producing a joined publication and two exhibitions on the stories of solidarity and change shared in the food markets of Leiden and The Hague.

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